The Pros and Cons of Different International Money Transfer Options


International money transfers have become an essential aspect of our modern lives. Whether it’s for travel, business, or helping out family and friends in another country, sending money across borders has never been easier – or more necessary. But with a range of options available, it’s crucial to understand the pros and cons of each before determining the best solution for your needs.

Online Payment Services

Online payment services, like money transfer apps such as Ria Money Transfer, are an easy and convenient option for sending money to another country. They’re available to download to your mobile device, so they’re a convenient way to send money on the go. They’re fast – many allow you to complete transfers quickly. Plus, they tend to have lower fees compared to other options.

On the downside, online payment services might not always be available in every country and can sometimes be complicated to use for those who aren’t very tech-savvy.

Bank Transfers

Bank transfers are widely accepted, making them a convenient option for sending money anywhere in the world. They are reliable, as banks have established systems in place to ensure security and reliability when sending money. Plus, since most people are familiar with them, they’re convenient even for those who aren’t very technologically minded.

On the downside, bank transfers are often slower compared to other options, which can be frustrating. And they can come with higher fees compared to other types of international transfers.

Money Transfer Companies

Money transfer companies are a popular option as they tend to offer faster transfers – some allow you to send money to another country within minutes. They may have lower fees compared to some other options, such as bank transfers, and tend to be user-friendly.

However, there are some cons – money transfer companies might not be as widely accepted as other options, which can make sending money to some countries difficult. And, they may not offer the same level of security compared to banks, which could put your money at risk.

Cryptocurrency Transfers

For those who’d rather not work with fiat currency, there’s also the option of crypto transfers. These are becoming more popular as they can be completed within minutes and often have lower fees compared to traditional money transfer services. Plus, since cryptocurrency transfers are not limited by borders, there is no need to worry about exchange fees when sending money to anybody, anywhere in the world.

On the downside, however, cryptocurrency transfers can be much more complex compared to other money transfer types, meaning you and the recipient will need to understand the technology and how it works. And, cryptocurrency transfers are not insured, which can pose a level of risk some people are not comfortable with. Crypto is also very volatile when it comes to value, which could mean that either you or the recipient loses money in the process.

Sending money abroad has become more common place. If you need to send money to another country for any reason, these are just some of the main options you can choose from.


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