The Quickest and Easiest Ways your Business can Backup its Data


As a business, your focus should be on your core business goals and nothing else. However, cybercriminals also have the same idea and their core business goals are to extract as much money out of hard-working businesses such as yourself. Because of this businesses will need to put into place steps to keep their business data safe.

Ransomware attacks for those who don’t know are when a business gets infected with a virus which then locks the business out of their machines and data. The business then has to pay a huge fee to get access back to their machines and sometimes this isn’t guaranteed either. This results in a loss of money and data which to some companies is fatal and they go out of business.

Stopping cybercriminals is a whole topic in general so today we will look at one way of mitigating your business risks and that is through using data backups.

Use external storage

The first and most simple way to manage backups is to use external storage devices. External devices such as:

  • Thumb drives.
  • External hard disks.

Can be used to store your most important data. Thumb drives are small and portable but this can sometimes be a disadvantage for storing your backup data as they can easily get lost. Thumb drives also have limited storage capacity so depending on the size of the files you need to store you may want to pick a larger storage device such as an external hard disk.

An external hard disk is going to cost you more than a thumb drive but the storage capacity is often much larger and devices with terabytes of storage is common.

You can purchase either device online or from a local tech store so if you do think this is the method you would like to use for backing up your data be sure to look around for the best hardware. Don’t be tempted by the cheapest devices either as these devices will store your most important data. Look for devices that are reliable and will last you years.

Hire someone to do it for you

For businesses that can’t commit the time to make their own backups, you may want to consult with an IT support company that can do this type of work for you. An IT support company will be able to back up your network without you having to do anything so it frees your time up. If you have multiple devices and members of staff then this is often the best choice.

Transferring VHS to DVD or other old types of media to digital

If you have old media such as videotapes or old cassettes and you want to back up the data you can also hire someone to do this for you. Companies such as Digital Converters will take your old files and digitise them for a small fee. You can also buy specialist equipment to do this process yourself but often it’s cheaper and easier for someone else to do this for you instead.

Use cloud computing

Cloud computing used to be very expensive and wasn’t an option for most small business owners. Now thanks to advances in technology cloud computing is very cheap and convenient too.

If you don’t have much time to perform physical data backups on a daily or weekly schedule then using cloud computing is a great solution as most often there will be software that can automatically backup your data to the cloud on a schedule that you set.

As a business owner having one less thing to worry about is always going to help so cloud computing is going to be the number one choice for many business owners because of its efficiency, cost and availability.

If you are looking for cloud storage you should look at services such as Google Cloud, Dropbox, Amazon AWS, OneDrive, and IDrive. Most of these services will have a free trial so be sure to test them out to see which services suit your needs best.

Combining all of the above

For the ultimate protection, you can combine all of the above to make backups of your most important data. This is time-consuming but it is by far the safest way to keep your data safe from hackers and natural disasters.

Our advice would be to keep a physical copy of your most important data along with a digital copy. If either gets damaged you can then use the other to create another version of the backup.

Creating backups is time-consuming so you should decide on a schedule that is both convenient and will also allow you the highest level of protection if your data were to become compromised. For some businesses, they may not be able to function without a days worth of data outage while other businesses are maybe able to go for longer.


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