The Rise of Compass Real Estate


A number of estate companies exist across the United States. Of these, some may have been in operation for decades, while others may be within their founding years. Compass Real Estate has at present been operational for approximately 10 years. While still young in the grand scheme of things, they have had several successes which may make them right for helping clients to move home.

The rise of Compass Real Estate could potentially be attributed, in part, to the people involved in its daily running. When you look at Compass’ Glassdoor profile, it can be easy to see how much positivity their page exudes – click the link to answer the question posed by some of “is Compass real estate legit”? A real estate company could run into problems if, for the most part, employees are unhappy with their working conditions.

Approximately 90% of those who responded would recommend working at Compass to a friend. Over the span of a decade, this could mean that they have adopted some good working practices that make them a sought-after company to work for, as shown by being named as one of Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work in 2018.

Since opening in 2012, Compass has also won several other awards relating to its means of operation. This includes the 2019 Webby Award for Best Real Estate Website, which could give an indication that Compass’ website is easy to use for clients. A similar award was also given in 2020. Gaining awards in consecutive years can help to reassure those dealing with this business, as that may show that these behaviors and practices are not a one-off, but simply how Compass operates as part of its normal standards.

One of the things that Compass CEO Robert Reffkin might have been seen to attribute to the growth and success of his company is not to do with profits, but more about the support he had from his own mother. This, in turn, could have given him the skills required to show that same support to those within employment at Compass. Coming from a humble background, Robert may be better equipped to consider the needs of each individual who works for him, rather than being blind to the financial and social struggles that people may face. From this, Compass has also been able to create a few nonprofits and enterprises to help people even more.

These may be specifically geared towards those from underprivileged backgrounds, so that they may be able to also find similar levels of success as Robert himself. By heading a company as a black male from a poor background, he may have also been able to gain additional levels of success simply by being able to speak more to other minorities who might require real estate services, or even seek a career in that profession.

In short, Compass Real Estate may appear to be like other real estate companies, helping people to buy and sell their homes. However, they may clearly have several business practices that help them to meet with success. At the same time, staying humble and trying to do more for those in need may also be working in their favor.


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