The Types of Digital Marketing Every Business Owner Should Know


Did you know that around 20% of small businesses close within the first year? If you want your small business to be successful, you need to understand the market, have a solid business plan, and market your business.

While print, mail, and phone used to be the best way to market a business, digital marketing can be more effective. Digital marketing allows you to target a specific audience without spending a fortune. And with initiatives like a digital marketing grant, it’s now more accessible than ever for businesses to get quality marketing done!

What are some of the most common types of digital marketing? Keep reading to learn more about marketing a business online.

Content Marketing

One of the most common types of digital marketing is content marketing. Content marketing is the process of publishing blog posts, pictures, and infographics on your website.

Publishing blog posts on your website can improve your search engine optimization, making it easier for customers to find your business.

Blog posts can also grow your branding, increase your online authority, and provide valuable information on your website.

Creating a repository with a digital sales room software solution can help you organize your content marketing strategy and make it more effective. Plus, this technology can help you track each piece of content’s impact on your website traffic and conversions.

Email Marketing

Another type of digital marketing to help grow your business is email marketing. With email marketing, you can send your target audience newsletters, business updates, and information about upcoming sales.

To grow your email list, make sure you have sign-up forms on your website. You can offer a discount or other incentive for customers to sign up.

To ensure your email marketing is successful, you should keep track of email campaign KPIs, such as open rate, bounce rate, and return on investment.

Social Media Marketing

If you are looking for a great way to market your business while on a budget, then social media marketing is a good choice. Most social media platforms are free and allow you to build a relationship with your audience.

Some of the best social media platforms for marketing include Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You can use status updates, stories, and photos to share business updates.

Influencer Marketing

If you run a new business with a small social media following, you should consider using influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is the process of paying influencers and celebrities to market your business to their audience.

When people see an influencer they trust promoting a product, they are more likely to buy it. Some of the most common platforms for influencer marketing include YouTube and Instagram.

Video Marketing

Another one of the most popular types of digital marketing is video marketing. To market your business using video, you can create how-to videos, record live question and answer sessions, and make entertainment videos.

Behind Google, YouTube is one of the biggest online search engines. Creating a YouTube channel for your business can build your brand and grow your audience.

Which Types of Digital Marketing Are Best for Your Business?

Marketing is essential if you want to grow your brand, increase sales, and get new business opportunities. Some of the most common types of digital marketing include content, email, social media, and influencer marketing.

Did you enjoy reading this article on the types and benefits of digital marketing? If so, check out the marketing category to learn more about growing your online presence.


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