The Ultimate Moving Packaging Solution


Moving can be a strenuous process for many people because of the materials for moving need to be handled carefully. Most people usually realize too late that they require the right packaging for moving their goods and end up with delays or worse, spoilt goods. The material needed for packaging goods depends on the nature of the goods and therefore you can have bubble wraps for one type of goods and simply cling foils for another type of goods. When packaging your goods, you need to consult a company that has the capacity to produce different types of packaging materials for moving.

Products created from a wide variety of common materials need some sort of packaging to keep them safe during transport and storage; these packages have a dual purpose as both a protective layer and a promotional tool. Physical damage can be produced by a variety of environmental factors, hence packaging serves to shield its contents from things like high heat or cold, electrostatic discharge, vibration, drops, and other impacts (like crushing).

Additionally, it will protect the electronics from the harmful effects of dust and moisture.
This guide will demonstrate why Toronto Trailers is at the pinnacle of the packing business and will be useful to anybody who plans to import goods from other countries.

Why Opt for Toronto Trailers?

When choosing a packaging company for your movables, it’s best to choose one that completely understands the business of logistics and transportation. Most other packaging companies cannot pivot fast enough to accommodate new logistic processes. Apart from selling shipping containers, Toronto Trailers is involved in virtually every aspect of logistics ranging from offering all types of cargo control equipment, van products, flatbed products, mobile storage, seals, and packaging products.

Though this article focuses on the packaging products offered by Toronto Trailers, it is important to look at its vast service and product catalog to fully grasp how in-depth Toronto Trailers is in the logistic industry. It is this vast experience in logistics that makes Toronto Trailers a force in the packaging industry. Rather than go elsewhere for packaging materials, clients are better off getting a one-stop solution right from Toronto Trailers, where you can expect them to have the right packaging product for your exact type of goods.

Packaging Supplies Offered By Toronto Trailers

Toronto Trailers has the best quality packaging and moving supplies in the industry. In the freight market, the capacity to handle and package goods are highly sought after and Toronto Trailers understands this fact. The vast amount of packaging and moving supplies consist of moving blankets and pads, bubble wrap, protective covers and plastic covers moving and packaging boxes, straps, and ratchets.

As you will observe, these moving supplies also act as packaging, whereby the plastic covers for chairs not only help in their handling but also protects the underlying material from scratches and dust. The floor protectors can also serve as good packaging materials for underneath heavy materials, as this is also a part of their packaging.

Toronto Trailers also boasts a wide variety of floor runners to choose from to help you save your feet and your floors from damage. Each runner not only protects the floor from scratches and dents produced by shoes and spilled objects but also offers traction to help avoid slips and falls. These practical runners offer an inexpensive extra layer of defense. They’re also reusable and easy to trim to fit any project.

These coverings are thick and sturdy, so they’ll protect your furniture and other belongings from scratches and scuffs during the move and keep your things clean while they’re in storage. This is especially helpful for fragile or light-colored items, which are more susceptible to damage from the dirt and dust that typically accumulates in storage places.

  • Packaging Blankets

There are several qualities of blankets and pads available to match your requirements. Our finest blankets come in at the heftiest weight and offer the greatest cushioning and insulation, making them perfect for protecting fragile goods, pricey furniture, artwork, and other items that need special attention. These blankets are reusable and washable.

For those on a budget, Toronto Trailer also has a selection of moving blankets and pads of more moderate quality. They aren’t washable like the best ones, but most of them can be used several times, so they’re a decent stand-in if you need something reliable that’s still throwaway.

A New Array of Bubble Wraps and Protective Films

Bubble wraps are an essential part of the packaging and at Toronto Trailers, there are various types of wraps to suit your needs. The bubble wraps on offer are thick and offer sturdy protection against bumps and undue pressures. Unlike other types of bubble wraps, the unique wraps offered by Toronto Trailers offer an extra layer of protection and further trap more air for extra assurance.

Toronto Trailers Offers Sustainable Packaging

When it comes to sustainability, nothing comes closer to Toronto trailers. The renewed push for recyclable materials is something Toronto Trailers has put as a matter of priority. At least 80% of boxes used in packaging are made from recycled wood and recycled paper, and the boxes themselves are recyclable.

Furthermore, the plastic wrappings are also recyclable and clients are encouraged to keep the plastic wrappings in a safe manner and put them in the recyclable waste so that they can be recycled. When it comes to recycling, what matters most is the materials and the chemicals used to make the plastics, and at Toronto Trailers, the shift to safer chemicals started some years back and that’s why other companies are merely catching up.

In conclusion, packaging is a delicate art and moving companies have to invest immensely in various packaging materials in order to serve their customers properly. Toronto Trailers has both the industry experience and expertise to continue remaining at the helm of the packaging industry. Whether it’s for wholesale or retail solutions, Toronto Trailers understand the needs of each consumer and endeavors to make products that stand the test of time.


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