5 Things Every Barber Needs to Know Before Opening an Independent Shop

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If you’re considering opening your own barbershop, chances are, you’re a talented and successful barber. While you may have years of experience in the field, opening your own business is its own beast. Here are five entrepreneurial things to consider as you get going on the exciting journey of opening up a shop to call your own.

1. General Knowledge

First off, if you’re going to be opening up your own barber business, you should be well-educated in this arena. Experience is a must not just because you’re building a reputation as you work on clients, but also because this is a commitment to your business for many years to come. You want to be certain that being a barber is the right fit for you before you leap to start a business. This desire can be solidified with some time spent working or having schooling in the field.

You must be able to have enough background knowledge to assist a wide variety of clients. This doesn’t mean you simply know how to “cut hair.” It means knowing how to fade hair correctly, using the right tools for each cut and hair texture, and even how to interact with your clients so that they feel welcomed and relaxed.

2. In-Shop Tools

Tools for a barber can vary, but every shop needs barber chairs. This is where the customers will be sitting for the entirety of their visit. It’s of critical importance that the chairs you pick are of quality and comfort. If you’re looking for barber chairs for sale, head to Keller International. They boast top-notch industry standards on their chairs and other equipment like their heavy-duty frames. Don’t worry their durability doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on style. They have a variety of barber chairs that can match any space you dream of creating.

The tools you need don’t stop with the chair. You’ll also need to purchase equipment like shampooing sinks, hair shears, clippers, and razor blades. These are all necessary purchases that once again, should be of the highest quality for your customers. You’ll also need to accommodate people who come in to get their beards taken care of. This means you’ll want to invest in a towel warmer and sterilizer to help. Using a hot towel before beard trims can make it 30% easier to trim. You should look into getting other tools and products that can style beards like beard oil and or a luxurious beard straightener comb to style your customer’s beards to their personal preference.

3. Legal Implications

Starting a new business can feel overwhelming. And that makes sense because if you’re a certified barber that doesn’t necessarily mean you know everything there is to know about starting up a business, too. There are many facets to owning a business beyond running it smoothly for clients. You must also consider the type of entity you plan to create (a limited liability company, corporation, etc.). Always remember that once you become an official business you’ll need to figure out what requirements you need for your specific business location.

4. Understanding the Finances

Financial dedication does play a factor in opening up an independent barbershop. You must be able to afford the start-up costs for your company. These include buying all of the necessary equipment and renting or buying a physical place for the business. Commonly forgotten costs include things like running water and heating and cooling. If you plan on hiring employees, you also have to decide what sort of structure you will use for their pay.

Another expense is the cost of owning a business license. It is highly beneficial to hire an accountant who can navigate this world of finances more smoothly to ensure you stay out of legal and tax trouble. On a final note, be sure to be strict with your bookkeeping records so you can report back accurately.

5. The Importance of Social Media

When starting any business in today’s world, owning a digital presence is a strong asset. It’s your way to show off your company to people who are looking for your barber services. You can make a business page on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. On both of these social apps, you can share your products, deals, services, and business hours. Just for some ideas, you can post pictures of your haircuts and styles and allow customer reviews.

With all of these things to consider and options to implement, you’ll be well on your way to providing the best quality care as you gain more traction and business success for your barbershop.

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