6 Things Leaders Must Do To Adapt And Succeed In 2021


2020 was a year of unprecedented challenges, grave disruptions, and an extraordinary healthcare crisis that crippled the global economy. International trade came to a standstill, and businesses worldwide suffered as countries shut down borders and imposed economic shutdowns. During the last few months, millions of companies have struggled, and thousands have shut down.

It takes a powerful, inspiring, and pragmatic leader to steer a business out of such uncertainty and turmoil and ensure survival. If your company has survived 2020, you must pat yourself on the back and congratulate your efforts. You’ve achieved a Herculean feat, and now, you must gear up for opportunities and success in 2021.

Corporate observers believe that businesses are looking to benefit from the cost-cutting telework model and leverage technology for profitability this year. You must ask yourself: can my company and employee culture embrace and adapt to this change? Keep reading to find out the things leaders must do to adapt and succeed this year.

1) Cultural Alignment

In the wake of the pandemic, employees work from home, which has marked an end to the cultural alignment. Leaders no longer focus on maintaining and promoting pre-pandemic cultural values and employee-focused strategies. They are more focused on liquidity, profitability, and survival, and justifiably so.

However, moving forward, remote working is the new normal that many businesses and multinational corporations are readily embracing. Creating a harmonious and healthy organizational culture is crucial to managing a productive and efficient remote team of workers. This cultural alignment will help your employees embrace technological tools and innovation.

2) Embracing Change & Disruption

A leader must embrace change and disruption willingly and confidently to identify lucrative opportunities. Kuba Jewgieniew from Realty ONE Group, a leading firm, strongly advises leaders to regard change and disruption with positivity. Jewgieniew admits that change allows him to identify new opportunities to reinvent his ideas and do things differently.

Entrepreneurs who fail to move away from the past and embrace new practices find it difficult to survive. If you are still holding onto the pre-pandemic business model, you need to reassess your mindset and set new goals. It is vital to regard change with positivity so you can identify opportunities for profitability, growth, and expansion.

3) Improve Decision-Making

Taking control of the financial health of your business is instrumental in embracing change and succeeding in 2021. Companies are still in the recovery phase, while many continue to struggle as lockdowns are still active worldwide. Improving decision-making processes is instrumental in speeding up the recovery process and rebuilding defenses.

It is vital to align the budgetary decisions and financial policies to overcome pandemic losses and rebuild your business. Leaders have had to make tough decisions during the last few months and bid goodbye to decades’ old employees, sell off assets, and even temporarily shut down operations.

In 2021, the road to recovery and success requires a new approach to decision-making and cultural alignment. 

4) Effective Employee Engagement

Human resource is the most significant resource that powers the success and ambitions of a business. Remote working has dismantled the traditional workplace, creating numerous barriers to team management. While there are multiple tools to communicate and coordinate remotely, employees have lost their colleagues’ office camaraderie.

They no longer have a workplace environment, and many are overwhelmed with cabin fever-like symptoms and monotony. As a leader, your job is to rally the troops, boost their morales, and establish effective engagement. You may have had to let go of several employees during the last few months, which can tarnish your employer’s brand.

It is imperative to boost communication with your team and invest in remote team management tools. Suppose you are embracing the remote work model. In that case, you need to equip your team with efficient project and team management solutions. As a leader, you must establish efficient processes to monitor deadlines, communicate effectively, and ensure timely completion.

It would help if you also encouraged one-on-one communication with your employees to eliminate ambiguities and keep them motivated.

5) Refreshing Marketing Initiatives

A new year deserves a refreshing spin on your marketing campaign to give your brand a renewed identity. Many brands have struggled to spend on digital advertising during the pandemic, but 2021 calls for a new campaign. It is vital to reexamine your budget and make room for marketing initiatives to cement your industry position.

As a leader, you must seek out honest feedback from your audience to reinvent your marketing initiatives. Strong leaders seek out feedback from their target audience and their employees. A refreshing rebranding effort will work wonders at reinventing your brand and pouring new life into your business.

There’s certainly no harm in reviving consumer interest and welcoming 2021 with a customer-focused marketing campaign. Perhaps, you can celebrate your challenging journey of survival with promotions that benefit you and your consumers.

6) Technological Advancement

In 2021, technological advancements make the digital marketplace more competitive and aggressive than ever. Consumer shopping experiences get defined by artificial intelligence (AI)-powered chatbots and voice searches. Google’s algorithms and bots are more refined and sophisticated than ever, so basic SEO won’t help you drive traffic.

Succeeding in 2021 requires a high-tech infrastructure supported by innovative software and data analytics tools. Businesses are increasingly reliant on data analysis to effectively identify consumer buying patterns and preferences and meet their demands.

As a leader, you must prioritize technological advancement to uplift your brand image and offer a seamless tech-driven consumer experience. Data analytics is a vital tool to expand and grow your business and boost profitability. You see, companies deal with enormous volumes of data, which offers valuable insights to drive profits.

A data analyst can help you identify consumer preferences, buying patterns, and financial forecasts to drive conversions and sales. You can effectively personalize your marketing campaigns and expand your audience with customer-focused experiences.


Embracing change and adapting to challenging circumstances requires positivity, flexibility, and persistence. Are you capable of embracing change with flexibility and instill positivity to identify growth opportunities? It’s time to focus on recovery and advancement and leverage the power of technology to enhance profitability.

The first step is to align your decision-making and cultural values to the growth-focused goals of your business. You must then take your team on-board with the changes and establish a harmonious culture with a healthy work-life balance. Leaders must inspire, encourage, and motivate their team, alongside embracing tools to enhance communication and coordination.

Remember, a leader always smiles in the face of adversity and turns failures into opportunities for growth!

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