10 Things You Didn’t Know That Could Be Done Remotely


2020 has presented many challenges, as people worldwide have been encouraged or even mandated to isolate, maintain social distancing, and limit physical interactions. Most activities, schools, and workplaces have been moved to home settings, and many of the things that initially seemed impossible to do remotely, are now commonplace.

Here are ten activities that you may have only recently learned, or may not have even known, can be achieved remotely.

1) Elementary and post-secondary school

Through the use of digital meeting platforms and other interactive education websites, children from preschool through to 12th grade have recently been attending school remotely, from their homes. Remote learning is not a new concept as colleges have offered online classes for years. However, utilizing remote learning platforms has become mainstream, as public school districts across the country have had no other choice but to use them during the pandemic, in order to continue education.

2) Doctor’s appointments

In a process known as telehealth, patients can now see their doctors, get medical consultations, and meet with mental health counselors through digital meeting rooms. Telehealth allows people to check-in, share concerns, and ask questions from the comfort of their home via a digital platform on their internet-connected devices.

3) Contract negotiations

Whether you are buying a home or hiring independent contractors for work that you need to have done, a virtual data room will allow you to securely share confidential information, as well as review contracts, help you carry out necessary due diligence and more. Businesses can carry on as usual without the hindrance of distance or time. These virtual data rooms also allow you to securely make changes to confidential documents in real-time during virtual meetings.

4) Tours

360 cameras make it possible to take virtual tours, and allow you to see your entire surroundings making you feel like you are really there. Virtual tours can make selling properties, visiting colleges, local Q&A sessions, and remote learning more effective and engaging.

5) Writing and editing

While it may seem obvious that you can write remotely, what you may not have been aware of is that you can write collaboratively and edit remotely as well. Utilizing file-sharing software, you can work on a written project with those that you invite to read and/or edit your document. Similar to a virtual data room service, you can rest assured that sensitive information, such as intellectual property, remains confidential, as you can set limits on which accounts can access your folders.

6) Evaluations

Through video chat, you can conduct work or school evaluations. Using a video chat platform like Google Duo or Zoom, you can discuss topics in real-time, allowing for a conversation or Q&A, instead of receiving a written evaluation without the option to ask about it. Sensitive data about work performance can be discussed in one-to-one video chats, or can be performed with multiple people at once.

7) Staff meetings

If you have a staff of more than 10 people, you will likely want to avoid face-to-face meetings, to maintain the ability to social distance. Video meeting platforms allow you to meet with multiple individuals simultaneously. You can mute all participants if you are focused on presenting information without interruption, or you can allow the other participants to be active in conversation throughout the meeting. Again, this allows the prospect of a useful Q&A session to take place, as some apps allow for individual participants to be invited to speak, whilst all others are muted. You can also use a virtual data room service to share important information and intellectual property with staff during meetings.

8) Signing papers

When you have confidential documents to sign, you can use Caplinked, a virtual data room provider. They offer ease of use, security, and full control of your sensitive documents. Virtual data rooms are ideal for a range of industries and purposes, such as fundraisers, law firms, M&A transactions, startups, and contracts with third parties.

9) Visits with friends

It doesn’t all have to be about business, as video chat apps and software provide a safe way to visit friends, when you can’t meet face-to-face. While this has grown in popularity during the pandemic, it is perfect for long-distance friends and family to spend time together, without being in the same room.

10) Dating

Dating may seem like a stretch to do remotely, but anything is possible with the right software. Websites like Match.com have promoted and marketed the idea of virtual dating with their platform, so you don’t have to stop having fun while in isolation. Just remember to play it safe and always do your due diligence.

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