5 Things the Best Solar Companies in Ohio Have in Common


There are now over 19,700 solar panel installation companies in the US. The best solar company will stand out from the rest, though. When choosing between solar companies in Ohio, it helps to know how to differentiate your options.

Here are five qualities to look for when vetting solar providers in Ohio. Prioritizing these factors will help you hire the best team. You’ll have peace of mind knowing a qualified team of installers is working on your roof.

Then, you can start reaping the benefits of solar energy without delay!

Discover how to find the best solar providers in Ohio with these five simple tips.

1) Experience

Once you find solar near you, learn more about each business.

Not every team has years of hands-on experience. Determine how long each Ohio solar company has operated in the area. Ask how many solar panel systems they’ve installed over the years, too.

Choose a team that’s experienced and knowledgeable. If they struggle to answer your questions, look elsewhere.

Solar panel installation teams learn by doing. If they lack experience, they might lack the expertise you need. Instead, choose an experienced, knowledgeable team you can count on to answer your questions.

2) Reputation

About 2 million homes across the US already have solar panel systems installed. Learn from the people who already reap the benefits of solar energy. While vetting the solar companies in Ohio, head online.

Visit each company’s Better Business Bureau or Google My Business profiles. Read reviews from the company’s recent clients.

Make sure the company already has a strong reputation. They’ll strive to maintain that reputation by offering the best customer service. If the company has a complaint lodged against them, look elsewhere.

3) Credentials

Don’t forget to check each company’s credentials, too. Make sure they have a certified solar panel installer on the team. Otherwise, make sure the company is licensed and insured.

Determine what happens if someone damages your property or gets hurt on the job. Their insurance should cover any damages. You don’t want to pay for these situations out of your own pocket.

4) Availability

Call at least three different solar companies on your list. Ask about their availability.

Make sure the company is available to work on your installation project. If they’re overbooked, you might have to wait a while.

5) Pricing

Take the time to gather quotes from three different solar providers in Ohio. Determine how they calculate each estimate. Make sure you know what’s covered.

Then, ask about their financing options. For example, you might want to purchase your system or lease your panels. Some companies offer a power purchasing agreement, too.

Review your options. Instead of choosing the cheapest company, make sure you’re hiring a qualified team that suits your budget.

Start Searching: 5 Qualities to Look for When Choosing Solar Companies in Ohio

Vetting the solar companies in Ohio doesn’t have to feel time-consuming. Instead, use these five tips to review your options. Finding these qualities in an Ohio solar company will give you peace of mind.

Hire an installation team and start soaking up the sun today.

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