Things to Consider when Buying Restaurant Chairs


Various aspects affect the design of a restaurant and the main elements of restaurant furniture. Check out some of the critical things to consider in restaurant chairs.

1) Type of restaurant:

If your restaurant is a fine dining restaurant or hosting a grand banquet, consider high-back wooden restaurant chairs because they set the tone for formal events. On the other hand, if you have a family restaurant for sit-down dining, choose low-back restaurant chairs or compact plastic booths that create a more casual atmosphere. Similarly, if you have a fast-food restaurant, look for plain plastic or metal restaurant chairs as they are cheap and easy to clean.

2) The target customer base of the restaurant:

Like your menu or the dishes you serve, your target customers may also narrow down their restaurant chair options. For example, consider plastic and metal restaurant chairs since people in the family and casual restaurants have to deal with small children. Likewise, if your restaurant is near work or a factory, choose metal restaurant chairs with a warm and bold touch. For upscale customers, choose vintage upholstered wooden restaurant chairs.

3) Restaurant size:

As a restaurant owner, you need to increase seating capacity to increase sales. However, when determining the number of tables and chairs, make sure that you do not endanger the comfort of your guests. As a general rule, a non-arm restaurant chair should be about 20-22 inches wide for optimal comfort. The arm of the chair takes an extra 6-8 inches. If your space is limited, you can replace the restaurant’s chairs and tables with a built-in booth.

4) Restaurant budget:

Budget plays a significant role. While opening a new restaurant or upgrading an existing restaurant, one wrong decision can affect your budget. During the ongoing project, material cost, labor cost, etc., multiply. So, you may choose the cheaper version of restaurant chairs.

Similarly, to reduce costs, you may be tempted to opt for residential or used restaurant chairs for sale. Don’t fall into this trap. In addition, if you choose to purchase used chairs, consider the initial cost and maintenance costs in the future which is very high. Instead, always buy heavy-duty, professional-quality restaurant chairs from us – “Restaurant Furniture Plus,” a reliable manufacturer.


Restaurant Chairs can be a crucial factor when considering your restaurant business. Proper seating complements the atmosphere of your restaurant and gives your customers a comfortable dining experience. To find suitable restaurant chairs for your restaurant, you need to consider the type of restaurant, your target customer base, your budget, and the environment you want to create. This practical guide highlights some important things when buying restaurant chairs.

At “Restaurant Furniture Plus,” we are committed to finding the perfect restaurant chairs for your needs. With over ten years of professional experience, high-quality and personalized products ensure that you get the best restaurant chairs at a competitive price. Explore a wide range of our products or contact us for your custom requirements.


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