10 Things you Must Buy your Kid for his School


When it comes to your kids, the best thing you can do for them is to get them ready for school, so the time they spend there can be fun and as easy as possible. You can buy them things that keep them interested in school and makes them learn new things every day. It may also be the case that your kids’ school does not provide him with the necessary supplies that may be required for study-related activities. This can range from bag tags to stationery and school books. Also, most schools usually provide a list of supplies your kids will need to study in class properly. These schools usually either mail the list to the parents or send it home with their child. For people who either have not received that list, or their child lost it somehow. Don’t worry, as today we are going to share with you 10 things that you must buy your kid for his school. By buying these things you will be able to make your kid’s time at school fun and keep him interested in his studies as well. Theses list of 10 things is listed below;


A notebook is the most important thing to get your child as he will use it to copy down notes a teacher gives him or to draw things on it. The best way to go about it is by getting a spiral notebook and staying away from multi-subject notebooks unless they are a requirement from the school. The notebook becomes pretty damaged and torn after your child uses 100 pages of it, due to everyday use. So it is a good idea to buy at least a dozen of these notebooks to avoid visiting the stationery store again and again. Also, try to get multi-coloured notebooks, so that your child can easily distinguish which book is for which subject. Be sure to also check the book-buying guide provided by the school to make sure if multi-coloured notebooks and notebooks with pictures are allowed at the school.

Lined And Graph Paper

A lined paper has guidelines on it to help with keeping text in-line while a person writes on it. It is a good idea to buy loose papers, preferably in huge quantities like 100 or 200, with wide and dotted lines. Although it is not a requirement at every school, it is a good idea to buy them and keep them at home, using them when necessary. Also, consider getting graph papers as it will help your kids solve mathematical problems easily. If your supply of graph paper runs low, you can use a photocopier to make more copies and use them when necessary.

Folders, Binders, And Planners

Get folders that are sturdy and made to last. Buy them in different varieties of colour and check the buying guide for a folder with pictures, to see whether they are allowed or not. Also, look for folders with binders as they can sometimes be re-used. However, this may not be the case every time because they can get ruined in the washer or the backpack when they are jostling about. Get these binder folders in different colours to keep your kid interested. A homework book or an academic planner is also something that you can buy for your kid for school use, but don’t forget to check with the school first to know if they provide one or not.

Stationery Box Along With Writing Utensils

If your kid goes to a primary or preschool, buy them loads of fat easy gripping pencils. Along with the pencil also buy them a hand full of pencil sharpeners as they are easy to lose and become dull over time. Erasers are a must if you get your kid pencils. Go for something colourful and big enough to erase the widest of writings. Also, buy them in different colours. Have a look at the school’s supply list to see what colour pens your kids are allowed to keep and buy them accordingly. Usually, red, blue and black coloured pens are a requirement. Alongside pencils, sharpeners, and erasers and get your child some multi-coloured markers, a yellow or green highlighter, and different coloured crayons.

Geometry Equipment

Geometry equipment usually includes, but is not limited to, a compass, a protractor, scissors, and a ruler. Rulers may be lying around your house, but are you sure they meet the standards of the school your kid is going to. Buy a ruler that measures in both centimetres and inches and has a hole at one end so it can be attached to a binder, avoiding your kid from losing it. Usually, sharp objects are not allowed at school, but your kid may need it for his homework. When your kid is at a point where he is studying geometry, he may also need a protractor and a compass. The school may provide them to your kid, but, when they do not, it is a good idea to buy and keep some at home as a backup.

A Backpack

A backpack is a requirement for every school. It is a means of carrying all the writing utensils, writing material, lunch boxes, and water bottles, along with any other type of course books the school requires. Your kid may ask you to get him a new bag every year due to the increasing number of books after every passing grade. It is a good idea, to buy something that has space big enough to compensate for the increase in the number of books after your kid goes to the next grade. It will save you some time by removing the need to buy a new backpack every year.

A Lunch Box

Unlike a book bag or a backpack, a lunch box is something you will need to buy every year or sometimes even after six months if your kid uses it daily. You should buy him something that keeps the food fresh and safe and is sturdy enough to avoid getting damaged when it gets tossed around in the backpack. Also, consider buying a lunchbox that has pictures of a cartoon character or your kid’s favourite superhero, as what kid does not like cartoons and superheroes. So get a quality lunch box that can last your kid the whole school year.

School Uniform

As your kid progresses through school, he grows in size and begins to put on some muscle. So, last year’s uniform may not fit him next year anymore. However, before you consider buying a new uniform, make your kid try the old one to save money and time. Things like sweaters and socks may not need replacing unless they are torn or damaged. Buying a new uniform for your kid every year will also give you an idea of what size to buy in the coming year. Also don’t throw away old uniforms if you have more than one kid, as it can be reused, if in proper condition, by the other kid.

Laptops, Tablets And A Flash Drive

If your kid is old enough and knows how to use a laptop or a tablet, you can buy one for him. It is a great learning tool and can be used to view educational material on them, by watching videos or going online and viewing material related to their studies. Also, before you buy them such a thing, be sure to check with the school if they allow the use of mobile devices on campus or whether they are prohibited. You would also have to keep an eye on your kid and what websites he visits on these devices. Install some parental locks on the devices if you fear your kid is going to misuse them.


Check your kid’s school if they allow the use of calculators, as in early grades, children are taught basic concepts like mental maths which do not require the use of a calculator. Middle school or high school children will need a calculator to solve calculator related equations and math problems. You can also get a graphing calculator, if money is not an issue for you, as they are really good and accurate.

The Final Words

Making your child ready for school every day is the job of every parent. Giving them the tools they need to succeed at school every day and get good grades, is the wisest thing any parent can do. Whether it be something as little as a ruler or a geometry set, your job is to see that you meet the requirements of the school your kid goes to, so he can study properly and with efficiency. Today we have made you aware of 10 things that you can buy your kid for school. So it is your responsibility that you do so.

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