Things you Should do Before Hiring an Accountant in NYC


So, you’re thinking about getting yourself an accountant in NYC? This could be for a number of reasons, whether you’re a business owner, or you simply want to get on top of your personal finances. More typically, accountants work for businesses, helping them with tasks such as payroll, tax, budgeting and auditing. There are plenty of accountants to pick from in the big city, so narrowing down your options could be timely sometimes – as well as this, prior to hiring an accountant, there are a few things you need to do beforehand, which we are going to touch on in this article. These ideas will help you to make your search more concise. So, read on for our list of things you should tick off before committing to an accountant in New York City.

Do Your Research

Good, experienced accountants should be able to help you with all things finance. However, many will specialize in certain areas, so if you want an all-encompassing accountant, then you need to make sure that you address this in your search. Or, if you want help with how to get an tax ID number in NY state, for instance, this and your annual tax statements could be something an accountant helps you with. It’s definitely helpful to have guidance from someone who knows what they’re doing when it comes to the unknown, as without someone who has the experience, it can seem complex.

Ask yourself: do you really need an accountant? Are the tasks involved with what you need looking after something that you can handle by yourself? You never know, it may be worth looking into as although it will take up more of your time, it could work out cheaper. That being said though, if what you need an accountant for is something complex and intimidating, it’s probably worth just biting the bullet and getting the support from them, as well as the peace of mind. So, look at the different services accountants offer. Consider whether you want an accountant to help you externally, or if you’d rather hire someone to work in-house. If there is enough work for an accountant to come on board and work for your business full-time, then this is probably the preferable option as you can build a stronger rapport, and they can know your company inside out.

Ask Questions and Check Credentials

You want to know that you’re not getting scammed and you’re talking to one of the best accountants that New York has to offer. When the pool of options is so wide, you can find an accountant with experience specific to what you want them for, as well as probably your industry (when it comes to business). So, speak to them and find out if they have the background that you’re looking for. It’s also good if you can get a feel for them and how they operate – you want to have someone who is on the same page as you. Find out how often they like to communicate, in what form, and what they can offer you. Get all the info you need instead of hiring in a hurry – it’s also advised to do a mini background check to ensure they’re legit.

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