5 Things You Should Know About Ecommerce Web Development


The most important thing about ecommerce web developer work are as follows:


To create any complex software, you need to prepare a “foundation” It will make the development manageable. And the entire system visible and understandable for the architect. This foundation is a “multi-layer cake” of versatile. This is standard and well-proven technologies and products. The correct choice of this set determines the development of the system in the coming years. Examples of components of such a “pie” – ORM, CMS, PCM, Search Engine, from specific technologies – Hadoop, Apache ServiceMix, NodeJS and others. The set of these technologies is often determined by the experience of the development team, and not only and not so much by the needs of the business, so you can often find systems in Scala, Erlang or Haskell.

Such a zoo of technologies is often found in eCommerce platforms – Java, C ++, Perl, C #. This happens when a vendor purchases various components from third companies or the companies themselves as a whole. We were lucky with the platform – there is only Java. Thus, an eCommerce platform is an organic, prepared, customized, debugged, packaged and documented set of such technologies. For many typical tasks in e-commerce, the vendor has developed ready-made blocks. They require only a small “fit” for the task, and some are implemented at an abstract level and require “finishing with a file”. The more intertwined technologies are, the more thoughtful the architecture, the easier it will be to expand it. It will fit your tasks in all the coming years.

Shall we write everything ourselves?

Of course, you can develop a store without an industrial platform by making the “pie” yourself. The question is how long it will take and whether it will be possible to maintain good architecture, scalability, performance, security, extensibility, reliability, documentation in a year or two. A good and rare example when it was successful for a large e-commerce is Amazon.com. Experience shows that with today’s requirements for quality, safety, functionality and pace of development. It’s writing everything “from scratch” in the end is very expensive, time-consuming and risky.

Do you need an eCommerce platform?

Before deciding on a platform, online store owners should think about where they see their business in five years. If in this future there are words “multi-regional”, “multilingual”, “multicurrency”, “huge assortment”, “large traffic” and “personalization”. Then today you need to look for a platform that supports all of the above. When using the platform, the daunting task of building a large online store becomes quite visible and manageable. Features of business automation, integration with internal systems, specific business processes, user interface, features of goods and services come to the fore. The cost of development and implementation by ux developer for hire is made up of a significant part of these components.


It is impossible to name even the average time, but you can name the minimum from our own experience. Our team has a successful track record of putting the system into production 3 months after signing the contract. The first release in “production” was two months after the start of work – a catalog without the possibility of ordering goods. The team on such a project consisted of six people, including me. There are other examples where the team and deadlines are larger.


The cost of such a project can be roughly estimated by multiplying the planned duration of the project. The average team size and the average cost of a person-day of specialists. The cost of licenses is usually lower than the alternative cost of purchasing. It’s developing and integrating into a single complex of comparable software functionality.


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