This Is When Doing It Yourself Makes a Lot More Sense


There are times when it is best to learn how to do a project yourself rather than pay someone else to do it for you. This is not news to the vast DIY community. They have been doing it themselves for a very long time.

They have also made a number of costly mistakes along the way. That is because it is all too easy to mistake a project that should be outsourced for one that you can do yourself. Before taking on any project, you have to know the difference between the two.

Some people get so obsessed with saving money that they forget to count the cost. For example, regular car maintenance: How much should an oil change cost? Once you know that, you can begin to assess whether it is worth it to do it yourself. You might need to purchase a specific type of oil that might be harder to find than you anticipated.

You might not have the right equipment or a good space to do it. It might take you more time to do it than you have. You could make a mess of it and cost you even more time and money in cleanup. Even if you could do it yourself, you might find that getting it done by a reputable professional is the better way to go. Only do it yourself when the following conditions are met:

When It Is Okay for the Quality To Be Less Than Perfect

There are certain things you should look for when hiring a painting company. Before you do, you should ask yourself how important it is that the project be done at a high level of quality. If you are painting the outside of your house, that will affect curb appeal. In turn, that will affect the selling price of your house. You probably want to hire a professional for that.

However, you might want to do it yourself if you live in a rural area and never intend to sell the property. You are just painting the house for your own personal satisfaction. In that event, you don’t have to worry so much about whether the job is done with precision. It just has to be good enough. And you are probably capable of good enough. The same applies to all the projects in your life. Most DIY projects can be merely good enough. Feel free to do those yourself. Hire someone with more skill when the end result matters a lot more.

When It Is Safe to Make Mistakes

Some projects can be learning opportunities because it is safe to make mistakes. When life and limb are on the line, it is no longer a learning opportunity, but a call in a professional opportunity. Jobsite safety rules also apply to home DIY projects. If a construction worker would wear a hardhat to do the job, so should you.

A lot of electrical work falls outside of this category because of the nature of electricity. There is a good chance that if someone has to go through a lot of training and licensing to do the job professionally, you should probably consider it too dangerous to do yourself. However, there are those projects that are less clear such as installing a ceiling fan. The most dangerous part of that job might be standing on a ladder to install a fairly heavy piece of equipment. Tired arms held above your head can lead to mishaps. If it is safe enough to do, you have the green light.

When You Get Enjoyment From Doing the Project

If you are going to hate every moment of doing a project yourself, that alone, might make it worth it to pay someone else to do it. Your happiness is at least as important as your time. Don’t sacrifice your happiness when your budget will allow you to make a different choice. Only do those projects that bring you joy and personal satisfaction. Even if the labor is hard and the price quite high, it is worth it if it makes you happy.

Be smart about doing it yourself. Only choose DIY solutions when you can do them well enough, with a high level of safety, in a way that brings you joy.


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