12 Tips For Naming And Branding Your Startup Business


There are 12 tips here that will help you with naming your business. No one could ever overstate the importance of good branding because that is what makes people want to engage with your business. You have a lot of good options when you are trying to make the right choices for your company, and each of the 12 tips could take you a long way.

Popular Brands

You can use the name of a popular brand to label your company. People always recognize the product you sell and not necessarily a random company name.

Does It Look Good As A Website?

If the website name does not look good, people will not even want to type it or try to remember it.

Keep It Short

You need to be careful to not make your name too long. When movie titles are too long, you do not like it. Businesses are the same way.

Make It Easy To Pronounce

You need to make sure that people can pronounce the name of your company. If they cannot, they will not bother shopping with you or referring you to others.

Give It Personality

The name of your company should match your personality. Serious businesses need a serious name and fun businesses need a fun name.

The Name Needs To Flow

You need a business name that flows from one word to another. If the name does not do that, you will not be able to say it without feeling like you are doing something wrong.

The Name Does Not Need Co Or Inc

Most companies do not need to put Co or Inc at the end of the name. Most people think that is too tedious.

You Cannot Match Another Company

If you match another company, you run the risk of being sued for copyright infringement or for staling their name outright. If the name is new to you, trademark it.

Local Names Are OK

You can use local place names to name your business, but you do not necessarily want to be too specific. You can cover a wide area if you have a broad name.

Test It

If other people do not like it, you will have problem selling the name to people who would just buy from you after seeing that name online.

Trending Names

You can make trending names that will be easy for people to find because you matched with a current trend. Plus, you will have a bit of history in your name.

Peoples Names Have Authority

You can name your business after yourself or after a person. You will find that the names of people are very helpful, and you also need to remember that most people who are naming a business after themselves just started it on their own. If you name the business after someone else, you need to have a history behind it so that it will be very easy for you to sell the history to people. When your business is named well, it will thrive.


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