10 Tips for Building a Vacation Home in Southern California


When you are planning to build a vacation home in Southern California, there are things that must be considered before you even start the process of looking for a piece of property. With these tools, you will be ready for your new home and it will be ready for you.

1. Financial Security and Stability

The biggest thing about building anywhere in California is whether you can afford to do so. Property values are on the rise. While much of Southern California is not as expensive as the San Francisco Bay Area, you will still need to round up your estimates for your building costs. There are online calculators and cost estimating software available to help you build an estimate for all costs you will need to consider:

a. Land Cost

b. Building Materials

c. Land Development Cots

d. Local government fees

e. Impact fees

f. Contractor fees

This list is not complete as there are fees that will not be known until you start planning out what you want in a home and how you want to get it.

2. Vacation Home Layout

The fun part of building your own vacation home is planning out the entire structure. You will want to layout every room as you want it and start planning the details. This will help you figure out the finances of the home as well as let your mind start planning in all the details.

3. Location

Finding the right location for your vacation home in Southern California might take some time. You might want to look into tour companies in San Diego or the Los Angeles region. They will be able to give you a good idea of the region and where to go from there. Tours will help you explore the area and save you time and money.

4. Marital Status

Banks are more likely to give someone a loan if you are married or building the home as a couple. If you are looking to finance your vacation home using the money borrowed from a bank they will want credit scores and proof you will be able to repay the loan. Two incomes look better than one and sizable savings.

5. Finding a Contractor

Finding the right contractor for the job will take time and research. They will give you the home of your dreams, but you will need to be ready to negotiate the terms you will be able to live with for their services.

6. Water Restrictions

Where you choose to build can restrict the amount of water you might have access to. It can also limit the extent of what you build into your home such as disallowing that outdoor pool you want.

7. Fire

The entire state of California needs to be concerned about fire and where you want to build might be in the path of past fires. You will need insurance for this coverage, but if you want to build in an area that sees summer fire every year, you might want to reconsider the location.

8. Earthquakes

California is prone to extreme earthquakes along with fires. Are you building in an area that has a lot of earthquakes? What sort of insurance will you need?

9. Age Restrictions

If you are building a vacation home you are building it for the near future and the far future. You will want to consider whether the home you are building will be good for your declining years.

10. Be Prepared for Problems

Building a home is never without problems. Be prepared to adjust your budget and rethink layouts as you get further into your new vacation home building.



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