6 Tips for Getting Back in Shape After Giving Birth


As a busy mom with not only school-aged children, but a newborn as well, you’re probably stressed beyond the max–not only on weekday mornings, but during the weekends as well. So, when it comes to getting back in shape after having your baby, oftentimes fitness falls by the wayside. The next thing you know, you still haven’t lost that baby fat, and your newborn is starting kindergarten.

All of those cravings you had when you were pregnant will come back to haunt you, if you don’t get in shape as soon as possible after giving birth. Here are some tips for getting the job done and still keeping your sanity.

Join a Gym

There are plenty of gyms with childcare out there today, so you can easily join a gym and head there with the baby after dropping the older children off at school. It’s much easier to make yourself go to the gym when you know your baby is right there within reaching distance. It also makes it easier, because you don’t have to hunt down a babysitter every time you want to head to the local fitness center.

Walk with Baby in Tow

When you have a newborn, it can be hard to make yourself get up and exercise when the baby is napping. That’s where strollers come in handy. There’s a wide variety of walking and jogging strollers on the market today. You can get in your exercise and take the baby along with you.

Check with Your Doctor

While you might want to get back in shape as soon as possible after the baby is born, you need to clear it with your doctor first and foremost. After you have been cleared, your doctor can give you some tips and possibly a few workout plans that are good for mothers who have just given birth. Remember, your doctor deals with mothers who have just had babies on a daily basis, so they probably know how to lose weight in a healthy way, and how to help you keep it off.

Have a Plan

As with anything else in life, you need a plan to get back in shape after giving birth. Be honest with yourself. Don’t set goals that you can’t reach. Take charge of the situation. Carving out an hour a day to get back in shape might seem hard, but once you have a plan in motion, it will be easier than you think to accomplish.

Be Mentally Healthy

Getting back into shape after having a baby isn’t only about being physically in shape. You need to have a healthy mind as well. It’s important to admit when you’re feeling down or if you’re having problems coping with everyday life and dealing with a newborn at the same time. If you find yourself drifting into depression, it’s important to seek help right away. You might be dealing with something more serious than just baby blues. Getting your mind back in shape after giving birth is just as important as getting your body in shape, so don’t forget that.

Eat Right/Sleep Well

Just as it was when you were expecting, eating right and getting enough sleep are keys to getting back in shape quickly after giving birth. Eating right will help you lose those baby pounds. Getting enough sleep will give you the energy to get into shape to begin with. While it’s hard to get enough sleep as a new mom, making the effort is key to succeeding as well.

Follow these tips to get back in shape after having a baby, and you’ll be both mentally and physically healthy in no time at all.


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