Tips for Helping Your Employees Return to the Office


Many people who have spent a day or two off from the office may come back feeling refreshed and more productive. However, after a few days away, they can start to feel overwhelmed with the return to work routine. To help your employees get back on track, it’s vital to equip them with tools to help them succeed in the workplace.

Here are a few tips to help your employees return to work with minimal stress and drama:

Set your expectations

First, it’s important to set your expectations. Make sure you are clear with your employees about the tasks that need to be accomplished and how much time they should expect to spend away from the office. For example, if you want them to work a certain number of hours per week, make sure you know what times those hours will be. If your employees spend long periods of time at their desks, make sure they have ample opportunities for breaks throughout the day.

Create a plan

The first day back at the office is always stressful for your employees. If you create a plan with your employees on what they should be doing during the first few days back, they’ll come prepared and understand what tasks need to be completed.

Optimize the office

Start by making their work environment as comfortable and optimized as possible. Work isn’t supposed to be fun, but it isn’t painful and unnecessarily difficult, either. From proper desk height measurements to improved lighting and workspace arrangement, now’s the time to make upgrades for productivity and efficiency.

Make a priority list

Start by making a priority list of the most important things that need to get done. This task can be daunting, but for those who have been away for days or weeks, this is an easy way to prioritize their day and make sure they’re on top of everything.

Things like taking phone calls, returning emails, and scheduling meetings should be at the top of the list so your employees can start working on these tasks as soon as they walk in the door. Doing this will help ensure that your team stays organized and focused.

Get them back in the swing of things

One of the most important things you can do to get your employees back to the office is get them back in the swing of things. They may need a reminder of what is expected and how they should be thinking about their work. Ensure they have coffee, a comfortable place to work, and a sense of trust that their boss has their best interests in mind when it comes to the work environment. You can also take small steps like offering to answer any questions they might have or giving them specific tasks that will help bring some structure back into their day.

Improve after returns

After your employees return to the office, it’s important to give them a chance to re-energize. Many people who feel too tired or stressed during the workday will struggle to focus and remain productive. That’s why you must give your team these opportunities for rest and relaxation. It can be as simple as offering them some extra time off.

Some people might find it challenging to rest, but others can’t seem to stop themselves from constantly checking their phones. To help them continue focusing on work and making progress towards the team’s goal while not actively working, you need a time-out space or quiet break room where someone will be present in case of emergencies.

You also have the option of providing healthy snacks for your coworkers if you want their energy levels at an optimal level during crunch times.


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