5 Tips for Planning a Large Corporate Event in NYC


Planning a large event of any kind is never easy, especially if it is to be conducted in a busy and overbooked city like NYC. Nevertheless, we often have to take on such responsibilities, especially if the manager thinks you are the perfect employee for the job. Don’t worry, though, because we have you covered with the following five tips.

Contact an Event Management Company First

The very first thing you need to do is accept that you are not a professional event planner. Even if you have successfully managed small events before, big events come with big expectations and irrespective of your management skills, you just do not have the experience and contacts necessary to conduct a huge event in New York City, all on your own. Which makes finding the best managed security information and event management (SIEM) quite a task. Short of actually being in the event management business yourself, it’s a universal and logical deduction.

For instance, you could connect with iDEKO on their website and they will give you the tools you need to make your big event production come to life. They have been in event production for over a decade, so iDEKOhas all the connections and knowledge you need at your disposal to manage the event in exactly the way you like.

Whether you choose to let an event company manage and produce the whole event, or simply use their venue scouting and permitting services to make your job easier, look for the perfect partner to help you see that huge event to its grand success, in the way you want it to.

Build a Team

While you are in charge, you will still need coworkers to help you, so the next step would be to build a team. Given that the boss has authorized you to manage the whole event, choose the coworkers that you know to be the most responsible and capable ones for the job.

A good way to know who is good with what is to simply ask them. The funny thing about voluntary responsibility is that only people who know that they are good at it step up. In case no one is stepping up for a particular post, it might be time for some persuasion and improvisation!

In general, though, you want to build a team that’s actually willing to be a part of the big event, which shouldn’t be too hard for the most part. After all, the heavy lifting will be done by your event management partner.

Check with the City Regulations to Prevent Any Violation

It is always important to check with the city regulations before trying to conduct an event in New York State or City. This is the link to the City’s official page, which elaborates on all the permissions and permits which are necessary for various events conducted within the city limits, as well as stating clearly how much earlier you need to apply for them.

Of course, if you have an event management partner, they will likely have the connections to get it done for you much faster and without you having to worry about any of them. Nevertheless, it’s still best if you knew about the state and city laws that are regulating your big event.

Keep the Interests of Key Guests in Mind

In the world of business, money is seldom spent without any objective, so big events are just as much a way for employees to relax as they are opportunities to build new connections and strengthen old ones. This is why you need to take a good hard look at the guest list and find out who the key attendees are likely to be.

Do a little research on them and make sure that the event has something that the important guests will be able to relate to on a personal level. When people are drunk, happy and they see something they like in particular, magical and profitable things can happen!

Engagement is Extremely Important

Now, nobody goes to a huge party expecting to be left alone in a corner with occasional greetings from semi-strangers! In fact, that is just about the worst thing that can happen to guests at any event.

Work with your event planner to make sure the entire event has a proper structure and the means to engage guests directly. The more involved people are, the more they will enjoy it.

Do remember that it’s not a frat party, so make sure that at no point are any of the guests put into awkward and uncomfortable situations because that would defeat the purpose of the event itself.

In many ways, when you are put in charge of planning a large occasion for the office, it’s an opportunity. If you are able to pull off that Christmas party with delightful perfection, where even the CEO and important clients will be present, you are setting yourself up for making powerful connections and lasting impressions. It’s an opportunity to showcase your leadership and organizational abilities to the people who matter the most, so make sure you understand what we just discussed and let the good times roll!


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