Tips to Create Your Business Press Kit


Whether you are promoting a new product, an event, a launch, or anything else, it can be a good idea to create a press kit for communicating with the media. Creating this helps the media obtain information about your brand and videos and photos to represent your company. You will need to know how and when the press kit software will be used so you can tailor it toward those needs. Following a few steps will help you come up with a successful kit.

Obtain High-Quality Images

It is not always cheap to have images created for your press kit, but don’t be tempted to add lower quality images or video. These represent your brand, and customers will likely be making purchasing decisions based on the images that are out there. If creating high-quality images seems out of your budget at the time, consider using some of your own funds to cover the cost. You can free up funds for your business by selling your life insurance policy with a life settlement. You can review a guide with everything you need to know to sell your policy if you choose this option.

It is important to have high-quality photos and videos of your product or service. This impacts the way potential customers see your brand, so don’t skimp here. Even placing small images around the text in the press kit will make it more visually appealing. You can also include links to higher resolution images that can then be published. Logos are another thing to include, as long as they are of high quality. Make sure you offer marketing information along with these. Offer guidelines on how the media can use the images and logos so they are published in a way that is consistent with your brand.

Determine What Your Kit Will Be Used For

You will need to know how and when the kit will be used so you can tailor it toward those needs. This will also help you determine the best software to use, if you need any at all. You may be introducing a new service or product, so in that case, you may want to focus more on that service or product. On the other hand, you would focus more on the business itself if you were launching a new one.

Add Your Contact Information

If you have more than one employee, consider who you would like to be the primary point of contact in the press kit. This contact may speak with the media for interviews, or the media may publish this contact information for customers. Make sure you include the name, phone number, email address, website, and location.

Offer Facts on the Business

It’s a good idea to include your brand story, describing your company mission statement, the company’s history, the products, or services offered, and what your goal is. This might be called the company overview. It’s a good idea to keep this at around 50 to 100 words in length. Make sure you add a few facts about the company, service, or product. These should be relevant to the kit’s purpose, allowing the media to create better content. Consider adding information like your annual revenue, interesting facts about the service or product, historical milestones, and anything else you find interesting.


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