7 Tips to Follow When Selling Industrial Equipment & Machinery Online


For businesses, selling surplus industrial equipment is a fantastic method to unlock the latent value of used parts and equipment. Selling used equipment aids in asset recovery for businesses with strict equipment update schedules. Used equipment can bring an excellent price to the used market for businesses that manage their assets efficiently.

A growing number of industrial liquidation markets make selling online more practical. Click here for a comparison of these well-known industrial auction websites. While many platforms are easy to use, it can be pretty challenging to guarantee that your used equipment will sell. Many merchants display products, but no one ever makes a bid; thus, they remain on the virtual shelf. Follow these basic practices if you decide to market your industrial equipment online to increase the likelihood of selling it.

  1. Register your machinery with the Machinery Trader

Popular search terms like “excavators for sale” or “heavy equipment sales” consistently rank at the top of Google search results, ensuring that your listings are likely to receive a lot more attention than if you were to only list the equipment on your company website or less reputable websites.

Several advertising packages provide in-depth data and analytics. You may monitor the number of views, clicks, and phone calls each advertisement receives. Even better, you may choose to record incoming calls so that a manager can review them later and advise sales representatives on how to raise their lead-to-conversion rates.

  1. Examine pricing and market trends

When setting prices, be reasonable. Most shoppers seek a bargain on industrial auction and liquidation websites and frequently order search results at the lowest price first. Your listings will be overlooked if they are not priced competitively. It is best to search through completed listings on different marketplaces to find out how many same or comparable things are selling for. Consignment services purchases come with some inherent risk and inconvenience, so as a seller, you’ll need to make a particularly compelling offer to get customers to choose your product.

  1. Clean or restore used equipment

A wise seller will always have old farm vehicles, construction equipment, or manufacturing machinery cleaned before selling them. This demonstrates to purchasers the worth of the product. When selling heavily worn items, sellers frequently get any problems fixed and vital components restored. Any product on the used machinery market can raise its price with minimal investment. This does not imply that equipment is never sold “as-is, where-is,” but if you want to get the most money out of a piece of equipment, treat it well.

  1. Select the Best-Selling Technique

Online second-hand equipment sales can be made in a variety of ways. You can use an internet broker, visit several websites, or participate in an online auction to sell. Some equipment categories sell more successfully using one technique than another. For instance, highly desired items may spark a bidding war among purchasers, indicating that the best way to

maximize returns is through an auction. To acquire the finest deals, consider the technique that will work best for each item.

  1. Provide as much detail as you can

When making purchases online, customers base their choices on the details (photos, descriptions, and technical specifications) offered by the seller. Similarly, give customers as much information as possible to have it in front of them when they click the ‘Buy Now button.’ Transparency is also crucial to prevent disagreements and problems from occurring during the transaction. Since you’ll probably continue to use the same platform, it helps to have a solid seller reputation.

  1. Vet Buyers

Make sure the marketplace you are selling on validates the customers before allowing them to transact on the site to save yourself a lot of disappointment and stress. By authenticating customers when they sign up, a trustworthy marketplace lowers the risk for its sellers, leading to fewer unfinished transactions and disputes. Always watch potential buyers before allowing them to participate in your auction if you are selling in an auction format.

  1. Avoid Typical Scams

Be on the lookout for phone purchasers if you sell on general or open platforms like Craigslist, eBay, or Kijiji. Watch out for cautionary indicators like:

  • A buyer who wants to overpay Third parties acting on the buyer’s behalf
  • The buyer wants to use a personal cheque to pay you to make shipping arrangements on their behalf.
  • The customer appears to know nothing about the item or to have no interest in what you are selling.

These warning signs can be signs that something is wrong, and you should conduct more research.

  1. International exposure and a “zero constraint” approach

Your ads will be expertly edited and optimized thanks to our team’s experience, superior second-hand industry knowledge, and bilingual management. Our specialists translate them to make sure the appropriate technical jargon is used.

Your adverts are shared with a sizable network of skilled professionals via our newsletters and social networks. Additionally, we post your adverts on numerous worldwide portals and niche websites. To increase the value of your advertisements, we also use search engine marketing strategies. We can make quick sales thanks to all of these tools.


The quickest and most straightforward approach to selling used industrial equipment is frequently to a dealer. Companies that offer new and old industrial equipment are known as industrial equipment dealers. They have a wealth of expertise and understand how to appraise equipment to get the best deal. They also have extensive networks that allow them to connect with the top customers.

Selling large items of machinery is complex. Additionally, sorting through the equipment listing websites and determining worthwhile ones might be challenging. Selling equipment online is a challenge for many constructions equipment firms. A small percentage of people shop for quarter-million-dollar pieces of construction equipment, and even fewer have the money to make the purchase. This makes heavy equipment a niche market. According to our experience, contacting prior or present clients is the best strategy for selling heavy machinery.


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