7 Tips To Optimize Your Law Firms’ Website


Your website is your law firm’s calling card. As such, it will be the first thing many of your potential clients will see about you, and it will influence their opinion and their intention to contact you. As you may know, making an excellent first impression is extremely important.

This holds true now more than ever due to digital world trends. When most people seek legal advice, they use Google or other similar tools to find it. If someone comes across your law firm through any search engine and enters your website only to find that it is poorly designed, not fast, and lacks relevant information, they will most likely bounce back and look for other options.

Here are seven tips to optimize your law firm’s website. Follow them, and you will increase your chances of finding success in the highly competitive digital marketplace.

Invest in Good Web Design

A crucial aspect of any successful website is good design. Don’t make the mistake of using a similar format to your competition; your website must be unique and stand out from the crowd. It should also provide an excellent user experience, allowing your visitors to find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

Make it Fast!

Slow websites are the worst. When we go to a site, we expect it to load quickly. If it takes too long to open, we’ll probably be out of there in a flash. Work closely with a web developer to make sure your website is fast and responsive. The faster your site is, the better results you’ll get.

It Must Work on all Platforms.

A high percentage of your potential customers use mobile devices to browse the web. Knowing this, you must make sure that your website runs perfectly on any type of platform and web browser.

Focus on your CTAs

Many people looking for legal advice on the web are prepared to take some kind of action. But if your website’s calls to action are ineffective, you may lose many potential customers. Make sure your CTAs are attractive and clear, so you can get users to focus on the critical areas of your site.

Include Reviews and Testimonials

A powerful way to convey that your law firm is effective and trustworthy is by using reviews and testimonials strategically on your website. Ask past clients to write a review or record a video talking about their experience working with you, so your visitors can see how your law firm has helped others overcome their legal challenges.

Update your Attorney’s Bios

Many of your potential clients will want to know who they will be working with. With that in mind, you should update your attorneys’ bios and include relevant information about them, like their past experiences, education, certifications, etc. In addition, you should provide a way to virtually connect with your attorneys, such as an email or social media profile.

Talk to an Attorney SEO Expert.

Finally, one of the most effective methods to optimize your website is to work with a law firm SEO agency, such as Legal Facts. They will tell you precisely what needs to be done to effectively optimize your website and show you how to drive more traffic to it through an SEO marketing strategy. If you want to learn more about their offerings, visit and talk to an attorney SEO expert in a couple of clicks.


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