Tips to Start Your Own Web Design Agency


The demand for the services of web development and website design companies has been increasing in the past few years. So many people and organizations require an online presence: businesses, governmental bodies, artists, sportsmen, influencers, politicians, educational establishments, charitable foundations and so on. By launching such a business, you’ll secure sustainable income for yourself in the long run. Read this article to find out what exactly to do!

Outline Your Goals and Competitive Edge

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Which type of website will your agency specialize in?
  • Which type of customer will it cater to?
  • How large would you like it to become?
  • What’s the primary mission of your business?
  • What’s its story?
  • Which issues can you solve for your clients?
  • What’s so special about your team?

Include compelling answers to these questions in the description of your agency that you’ll place on its website.

Draft a Business Plan

This document will enable you to understand:

  • How many professionals to hire and outsource
  • How many projects you’ll be able to have in the pipeline simultaneously
  • How large will your monthly and annual revenue and expenses be
  • What are your goals in the short, mid and long term
  • Which products and services to offer
  • Who is your ideal client
  • With which companies to sign partnership contracts
  • On which aspects to focus when conducting market and competitive analysis

This document can serve as the roadmap for your business development.

Register Your Business

To cut down expenses at the initial stage, it makes sense to register a sole proprietorship. Later on, you’ll be able to switch to another type of legal entity to better meet your needs.

Hire or outsource professionals who will take care of your taxes, accounting, legal and financial consulting. It’s vital to fully meet the legal requirements from the first day of operation. Open a bank account for your agency and get a credit card if necessary.

Formulate Your Offer

Obviously, a web development and web design company builds websites. Yet it would be unreasonable to focus exclusively on this type of activity. Consider offering accompanying services to your clients:

  • Managed hosting
  • SEO
  • Advertising
  • Networking
  • Photography and videography
  • Logo and brand design
  • Growing an online community,

Versatility will let you expand your audience, secure a higher number of orders and boost your revenue. Make sure to offer only those services in which your staff has genuine expertise.

Hire a Team

It’s not necessary to hire an in-house team and make them be physically present in a brick-and-mortar office every day. It’s ok to build a remote team. Moreover, web design specialists don’t need to have coding skills today. Instead, they may have experience in working with WordPress, Drupal, Squarespace, Wix and other similar website constructors. It’s important that your team members have a good rapport with each other even if they don’t see each other face-to-face regularly.

Purchase Hardware and Software

Hardware is vital for a web design company. Don’t try to save money on monitors, scanners, printers and whatever you might need.

To minimize software expenses, opt for cloud solutions. They won’t make you pay the full price of the license from the onset. Instead, you’ll benefit from an affordable monthly subscription. You’ll be able to flexibly switch between plans that differ in their functionality.

Launch a Website

Your website serves as the best proof of your professionalism. People should fall in love with it at first sight and want you to deliver something similar for them. An ideal site of a web design agency is visually appealing, boasts intuitive navigation, is mobile-optimized and loads quickly.

Upload your portfolio to your website. If it’s not too extensive yet, consider building sites voluntarily to enrich it.

Don’t forget about social proof and testimonials. They should be provided by real people. Asking copywriters to compose fake reviews and accompanying them with portrait photos from stock collections would harm your reputation.

Invest in SEO

Even if your budget is limited, it’s crucial to invest in low cost SEO services for small businesses. Without this type of service, potential customers would fail to find your website in search engines. SEO ensures that Google and other engines display the link to your business on their first pages. The process of optimizing your website for search algorithms includes inserting keywords in texts, using tags, fine-tuning the settings of images and accelerating load speed.

Find Clients

Here is what you can do to attract first customers:

  • Monitor job boards and send out offers
  • Send cold emails
  • Place paid ads online
  • Promote your agency on social networks
  • Inform your acquaintances about your new business and offer a discount to them
  • Ask your acquaintances to redirect clients to you

Consider launching a referral program with rewards for people who use your services or recommend you to others.


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