Tips to Working Smarter, Not Harder


You are probably one of those people that believe we all do not have the same 24 hours and always questioning where all your time went to because you never have enough time to get things done.

It takes a lot of discipline and the use of a priority to scale to work smarter and not harder, the difference between the two is you could be working harder and still not achieving your goals and hitting productivity and end up with a complete burn-out but by working smart you end up achieving your goals effectively and efficiently. Below are some tips at ensuring you work smarter and avoid straining your health due to excessive workload.

1) Prioritize your tasks

Prioritize your tasks and put them in categories ensuring you complete the most important ones first before moving on the rest, the bad news is you might not end up crossing off everything on your priority list, but you will complete all the top priority tasks. To achieve this ensure you free yourself of any forms of distractions.

2) Take the first step

We sometimes are so caught up in getting the perfect work done we end up being crippled with fear of doing the opposite and not creating anything, but there is a trick in getting this done, no matter how ridiculous your initial idea or write-up is put it down anyway. It will help you get over the fear and also ease you into the editing process; the main thing is that you have taken the first step, and you just have to keep going.

3) Relieve stress

With the hope to achieve daily tasks we are so caught up, we do not realise how tired or stressed we are. If you find yourself in this situation do not keep going, you will end up drained and remember that being busy does not equate productivity, that you keep it going does not necessarily mean you are making progress. Take a break; sleep, exercise, take a walk and while at it come up with a plan as to how to complete the task.

4) Setting up deadlines

It is not exactly good advice to ask that you wait until the last minute to do things, but we could all pick a thing or two from Parkinson’s Law, the imposture of shorter deadlines for tasks that allows for efficiency. Setting deadlines will rid you of procrastination and encourage you to complete tasks within given time frameworks ensuring you accomplish your time management goals also.

5) Communicate by talking

If you can and if circumstances permit, communicate with your colleagues by talking to them in person or call them instead of sending them emails, it saves time, especially in urgent situations and it will also mean you will be taking a break from your computer. Also, if you have to send emails, try to keep them short and concise; do not complicate the message by adding too much information.

6) Be prepared

Make it a habit to plan, before going to bed make up a list of the things you intend to achieve the next day. Good to cultivate this because most people are too busy getting prepared for work that they do not have the time to think about what they might want to achieve during the day.

Hopefully, you realize that working smarter can save your time and energy and out the tips listed above into use.


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