Top Reasons a Remote Retreat Might be Ideal for Your Next Solo Trip


Life has become so demanding, stressful, and chaotic for the average adult that getting through each day eats away at their physical and mental well-being. You’re constantly hustling and bustling about solving problems, overcoming challenges, supporting yourself and others, and trying to reach goals, all with the hopes of achieving some sense of happiness (yet never actually reaching it). You’re overworked, overextended, and tapped out to the point that even a few days off from work doesn’t seem to relax and rejuvenate you the way it once did.

Perhaps, taking a solo trip to a remote location could solve the problem. Visiting destinations not frequented by lots of tourists can heal you in ways you never imagined. Such a retreat can provide you with the tools you need to not just get through life but to navigate it in a more positive manner the increases your happiness and improves your overall health. Below is a more in-depth look at why your next solo trip should be to a remote retreat.

Get Away From Everyone and Everything

You might love your family, friends, and your career but at times, all of it can be stressful. Sometimes you need to remove yourself from the roles of child, spouse, parent, friend, and professional. Going on a remote retreat alone allows you the perfect opportunity to do just that. Leave everything behind – even if it is only temporary.


Imagine trying to get along today without some form of technology. From smartphones and laptops to email accounts and social media, you’re always plugged in. This isn’t good for your health physically or mentally. Being constantly plugged in can result in eyestrain, body aches, and more. Not to mention the exposure to negativity from crime and natural disasters being reported on the news to negative comments and posts on social media, can really mess with your psyche.

Since most remote retreats are in destinations where there is limited internet access and an itinerary filled with activities designed to help you focus on things other than technology, it’s a great opportunity to unplug.

Reduce Stress

It’s kind of hard to combat the stress in your life when you can’t stop and take a moment to yourself. Yet, when you go on a remote retreat you’re away from everything and everyone. You get to let down your guard, take a break from regular responsibilities, and just be. There’s also the advantage of the many activities often available at these retreats that are designed to help you reduce stress. You can learn about meditation for beginners, take up a few yoga classes, or simply get a relaxing massage to calm those nerves.

Tap Into Your Needs

It can be hard to focus on yourself and your own needs when you have so many other responsibilities. That’s why a solo trip to a remote retreat makes sense. You’re there by yourself meaning you have no one else to focus on but you. You can take this time to really dig deep and recenter yourself. Whether it’s putting all your attention towards better health habits, finding spiritual healing, or working on personal growth and development, you have a few days of uninterrupted time to put all your energy into you.

Replenish Yourself

Life can get really draining. It sucks the very soul out of you at times. By going on a remote retreat, however, you have a chance to replenish yourself. Without having to go to work, do a chore, prepare a meal, run an errand, etc., you give your mind and body the break they need to refresh and recharge.

Getting through everyday life without stopping and taking a moment to yourself will eventually wear you down. Sometimes, you have to take action and get away from it all to recenter yourself and find balance once again. Though any vacation gives you time out of the office, a remote retreat provides an opportunity for so much more. So, if you need to get away, unplug, reduce stress, tap into your own needs, or simply replenish your mind and body a remote retreat is definitely worth considering.

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