Top Reasons Your Social Media Following Isn’t Growing


It’s one thing to have a social media page for your business and another to have a profile that cultivates an evolving and organic following. While most entrepreneurs know the significance of a social media presence, some aren’t aware of the need to consistently invest time, money, and effort into building their platforms. Consequently, their following remains unchanged, causing businesses to miss lucrative opportunities.

Is your social media page growth declining, stagnant, or nonexistent? Perhaps your issue lies in one of the reasons listed below.

Your Profile Is Incomplete

Would you accept a friend request or follow an incomplete social media page? If not, why would you expect your target audience to engage with your account? If your company profile doesn’t have a name, image, or content, it will be challenging to attract new followers. Your page looks suspicious and uninteresting, which will prevent users from engaging.

When setting up a social media account, ensure you complete every field. Your profile should have a company name, logo, and image to provide quick identifiers for your target audience. It should also include contact details and content to persuade viewers to complete your call to action. Lastly, proofread your page to avoid misspelled words and inappropriate grammar.

Content Issues

The content on your social media page attracts your audience. However, the type and quality of your content are what sustains and grows your following. If you share run-of-the-mill, low-quality, irrelevant, or unedited posts, you’ll lose your audience. Continue reading to learn more.

Run-Of-The-Mill Posts

Is your content outdated, irrelevant, dull, or typical? Posting run-of-the-mill content is one of the quickest ways to lose your audience. With millions of brands and competitors uploading content daily, you must find creative ways to stand out and diversify your posts.

If you’re only posting upcoming sales and advertisements, switch things up by including informative blog posts, funny images, or demonstration videos to keep your audience interested. You can test your ideas by viewing social media analytics or asking your followers with polls and surveys.

Poor-Quality Content

How good is the quality of the content you share on your social media page? Are your blog posts captivating, informative, and written in a way your audience can comprehend? If you’re sharing content from an outside source, is it fact-based and relevant to your brand?

No one is interested in reading content they can’t understand. Your followers also don’t want to evaluate content from an untrustworthy source. The quality of the content on your social media page is a direct reflection of your brand. Even if you didn’t write or create the materials yourself, sharing it means you support or align with the views of the source. If your content isn’t top-notch, it sends the message that your products and services are similar.

Unedited Materials

When you create social media content, do you take the time to check for errors before posting? Or do you upload and realize the mistakes when a viewer brings them to your attention? While no one is perfect, you must evaluate everything you publish to ensure it’s of the best quality. When drafting posts, you have grammar and spell check features in word processing applications to ensure it’s grammatically correct.

Editing goes beyond blog posts, memes, or conversation threads. You should also edit your videos before adding them to your social media accounts. You can use an online video editor to watch your content and make color, graphics, sound, and length changes. You can also remove stale spaces and errors to enhance the video’s quality.

Minimal Marketing

Although millions of people access social media daily, it doesn’t mean they’ll locate your page. You must continually market your social media platform to increase your following. To spread the word, you should have your account listed on your company website, email signatures, and other marketing materials. Brands should also encourage existing followers to share their pages with others.

Incentivizing likes and subscriptions can increase your following faster. For example, offering 10% off your products and services for new followers can encourage people to engage with your profile. Of course, you’ll need to ensure you’re using other measures to keep your audience, or else people will like your page, receive the discount, and then unfollow you. You must develop a social media strategy that keeps them engaged and wanting to return for more.

Social media can be a game changer for businesses. However, you can’t get the desired exposure and following without doing the work. Your profiles reflect your brand and are often the introduction of your business to your target audience. If your page is anything less than professional, entertaining, relevant, and high-quality, use the advice above to improve your social media presence and grow your following.


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