5 Top Recruitment Strategies to Try in 2021


Finding the right people to join a team while there’s still an ongoing pandemic will prove to be quite a challenge for Philippine companies that have not yet familiarized themselves with online recruitment strategies. These days, handing out flyers or setting up kiosks in public and commercial places no longer offer any assurance that you will attract and keep the attention of eligible candidates for the Metro Manila jobs that you have, as foot traffic in these places has significantly decreased. These days, many companies count on online marketing and recruitment strategies to ensure that they have an adequate supply of skilled and experienced individuals who can fill their need for additional manpower.

If you’re not sure where to start, we have a few tips that can help your company effectively kick-start its online recruitment campaign this 2021.

Make Use of Employment Websites

Starting your online recruitment program from scratch is a big challenge, especially if your company does not yet have its own website or official social media accounts. How can you let people know that you have an opening for a particular position if you don’t have enough followers? The good news is that you can always turn to employment websites to boost your job postings’ visibility. Job websites like Mynimo, for example, allow job searchers to see openings for the job descriptions they want in a particular location, so this makes it easy for them to spot jobs that suit their qualifications in the first place. There are also government websites that help private companies increase the visibility of their online job postings.

As your company builds its online presence, you can definitely continue to use employment websites as a supplementary tool for boosting your postings’ visibility and reaching a wider audience.

Use Your Website to Attract Talents

Your company website should not only be designed for clients and customers; it should also be customized to attract new talents to your team. For example, you can feature a dedicated careers page where you can post available jobs. This page should include some of the basic information that most job seekers will need, such as the qualifications and job description. If they’re interested in the position, what should they do next? Can they submit their resume through the page, or should they send an email to your HR team? Including this information can help them get started on the application process.

In addition to these functionalities, it would also be a good idea to feature employees on your company website. You can, for example, put the spotlight on an outstanding employee, interview them, and focus on how they are thriving in the company. This will encourage job seekers to try out for the available jobs and be a part of a team of your growing team of workers.

Activate Your Social Media Accounts

If you haven’t done so yet, make use of your company’s social media accounts to recruit new talents. Perhaps, the online community you belong to includes someone with the skills and experiences you need, or they know a friend who can use a new place of work. You can post a message focusing on your current job openings and link it back to your website’s careers page, or you can leave an email address where they can send their applications. Do this a few times every week until you find the right person for the job.

Turn Your Employees into Workplace Ambassadors

Who else can best convince qualified candidates to apply for the company but the company’s current employees? Encourage your teammates to refer a person they know by offering referral bonuses for every successful application. Your employees can easily spread the word about your job openings within their social circles, or they can even apply for the new position if they are interested and qualified.

Hold Online Events to Attract Candidates

Last but not the least, widen your online social circles and establish your company as an expert in what you do by holding events that are aimed to attract the people you want in your team. If, for example, your company is in need of an experienced real estate agent, you can hold a forum that focuses on how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way real estate agents do their work and how they can cope with these changes. This ensures that you’re targeting the right people and sends the message that your company is deeply invested in training and fostering the career of up-and-coming agents. You can also use a specialized recruiter such as digital marketing recruitment agencies.

Now Is the Best Time to Start Building Your Brand’s Reputation as an Employer

Even after the pandemic is over, there’s still a good chance that your company has to permanently shift its recruitment efforts online in order to meet its target numbers. It’s worth putting a bit of time and effort into designing long-term online recruitment campaigns that your company can implement in the next few months or years.

At the same time, it’s also a great idea to start building your company’s reputation as an employer that offers fair compensation, work-life balance, opportunities for career growth, and flexible working setups, among other perks and features that many employees want to enjoy.

Once you’ve successfully turned your company into as close to an ‘ideal’ workplace as you possibly can, you can consider the work half done, as hopeful employees will likely take every opportunity to be a part of your team.


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