Top 10 Richest YouTubers and their Net Worth


With a successful channel on the popular video platform YouTube, users are able to generate high sales. Especially in the USA, some YouTubers have already made an extremely interesting income. In this article, we present all the details of the richest YouTubers and their net worth to you.

Here is the list of the top 10 richest YouTubers all around the world in 2020.

10) VanossGaming Net Worth – $20 Million

VanossGaming is a Canadian entertainer in the gaming scene on YouTube. He also produces music under his pseudonym Rynx. VanossGaming net worth is estimated to be $20 million.

9) Preston Net Worth – $20 Million

The 25-year-old Minecraft and Fortnite YouTuber fought his way into the top 10. Preston net worth in 2020 is $20 million.

8) Like Nastya Net Worth – $20 Million

The 5-year-old YouTube channel operator Anastasia Radzinskaya is probably one of the richest children in the world. She is best known for her child-friendly content, in which her family can usually be seen.

7) Rhett and Link Net Worth – $30 Million

The two all-rounders, who are also known as comedians, advertisers, filmmakers and musicians, have also made it onto the list of top YouTube earners.

6) Ryan’s World Net Worth – $32 Million

It can actually get richer. The 8-year-old YouTuber Ryan Kaji , best known for his toy videos, made it to number 1 again and belongs to the absolute top of the youngest richest YouTubers in the world. According to data, Ryan’s World Net Worth in 2020 is $32 million.

5) DanTDM Net Worth – $35 Million

YouTuber and Lets Player Daniel Andrew Middleton will be there like last year, who is best known for his Minecraft Lets Plays. DanTDM Net Worth in 2020 is $35 million.

4) Markiplier Net Worth – $35 Million

YouTuber Markiplier is also in the top 10 again this year, as the English-language magazine Forbes announced. He was able to cause a stir several times, especially with his action and horror lets plays. Markiplier net worth is estimated to be $35 million.

3): PewDiePie Net Worth – $40 Million

The former number 1 of the world’s most subscribed YouTubers is back this year. However, since PewDiePie mentioned in a video to take a break at the beginning of 2020. it is questionable whether we will see him on the list again.

2) Dude Perfect Net Worth – $50 Million

The sports entertainer group on YouTube Dude Perfect were also able to prove themselves again. With their trick shots they have already been able to attract a large number of audiences and thus achieve high sales.

1) Jeffree Star Net Worth – $200 Million

The bisexual make-up artist and YouTuber from California made it onto the list again this year. Jeffree Star Net Worth is around $200 Million in 2020.


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