Top 10 Skills to Succeed as a Content Writer


Due to the recent increase in the consumption of online information, there has been an increase in the demand for content writers. The role of a content writer is to take the company’s digital marketing to the next level. Thus, recruiters look for candidates who are versatile and possess all the skills needed to be an efficient content writer.

However, this job is not as easy as considered and requires candidates to have a good skillset and expertise. Whether you prefer to become an independent content writer or work with an organisation, having the right skillset can add value to your content. To help you with this, here is a list of the top 10 skills that every content writer needs to succeed in their career.

1) Language

Having an impeccable understanding of the language is the most prerequisite skill that content writers from all sectors need to demonstrate. This involves a good command of the English language, error-free writing and the ability to express your ideas in words. Regardless of how much experience a content writer has, there is always a possibility of grammatical or syntax errors. In such cases, a grammar checker can be used as an efficient tool to improve the overall quality of your work. Regular use of such tools can ensure that your content is clear, crisp and free from any errors.

2) Vocabulary

In addition to error-free writing, content writers must ensure the use of good vocabulary in their work. For example, you must be able to use suitable words to express your ideas and opinions. Using similar words multiple times throughout the content can make it appear wordy and reduce its appeal.

To make your content more engaging, avoid using jargon words and instead use simple words that your readers can relate to. A great vocabulary is built with practise over a certain period of time. A good way to improve your vocabulary is by learning new words every day and using them appropriately in your content.

3) Tone and style

Maintaining the tone and style of your content is important to keep the readers engaged till the end. It also defines the personality of a writer and the company’s culture. For example, using a biased language might upset the readers, and adding a lot of fancy words can confuse the readers.

Instead, you will have to use a combination of words that communicate your message and keep the readers engaged. Using a natural and conversational tone can be helpful in directly placing your message in front of the readers.

4) Good research skills

Content writers need to possess good research skills to produce an engaging piece of content. To start with, you will have to first research your target audience and identify their interests. Additionally, research will help you to understand the latest industry and digital trends. It will tell you how to use these trends in your content.

Conducting research will also tell you a lot about your competitors. Moreover, you will come across multiple resources that can be used to collect information for your content.

5) SEO understanding

To improve the visibility of their content, brands look for content writers who have a good understanding of SEO. With proper SEO skills, you can rank your content higher on different search engines. For example, you will have to add relevant keywords and use solid headings in your content. In addition, link-building strategies can boost your posts further and get more engagement on them.

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6) Content analytics

Similar to SEO, content analytics is another important skill that will help you succeed in content writing. Knowing how to perform content analytics will make it easier for you to analyse the impact of your content on the audience. It will help you determine different metrics such as the size of your audience, their interests, the time they spend reading your content, the number of repeat visitors, bounce rate, traffic sources and pages viewed per visit.

7) Time management

Content writing is a deadline-driven industry, and writers need to be efficient in managing their time. As you will be dealing with a different volume of content work on a daily basis, you will have to meet all the deadlines and deliver the content on time. Good time management will also show your professional attitude and will help you build your own credibility.

8) Social media

As a content writer, your job will not be limited to writing and delivering good quality content. It will also include sharing your content with a larger audience and engaging with them on a regular basis. Here, social media can play a key role in promoting your content and engaging with the audience. Brands prefer to use a common tone throughout their content and social media interactions. Being good with social media use can assist you in solving the queries of the audience and meeting their changing expectations.

9) Editing

The role of a content writer is a comprehensive one as it involves different functions such as research, writing, optimisation, editing and driving engagement. As editing is the last step of content writing, this step ensures that your content is readable and easy to understand. Moreover, it will make sure that you deliver a good piece of content that is flawless and well-structured. With good editing skills, you can improve the overall look of your content and customize it for publishing on different online platforms.

10) Creative writing

Creative writing is a skill that is developed over a period of time. It is both innovative and recreational. With creative writing skills, you can share your opinions in a humorous way. This will make the audience feel connected to the content. As a content writer, you will have to write a variety of content based on different topics. With your creative writing skills, you can express your feelings, stimulate thoughts and entertain the audience to achieve a measurable outcome.


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