Top 6 Spheres AdTech Software Engineers Should Be Competent In


Modern technologies open up significant advertising opportunities. These are handy tools for marketers; setting a few adjustments and the ad campaign is ready. But for AdTech software engineers, it means developing solutions that make it easier for businesses to market their goods or services.

We live in a digital age and a data-driven world. All our actions on the Internet directly affect what kind of advertising we see. So, modern marketing strategies have to employ specific technologies to adapt to people’s needs. The AdTech industry is all about creating these solutions that enable managing the campaigns and analyzing user data.

Today, we will define AdTech and discuss its value to businesses. Finally, we will share the top areas that every experienced development team should understand.

What Exactly Is AdTech?

AdTech is an abbreviation for advertising technology. It is a catch-all term for any tools and software platforms used to set up and target digital ads. This technology also allows you to determine your audience by analyzing massive amounts of user data.

Ad technologies enable you to customize your advertising campaigns and deliver your promotions when customers are most likely to engage based on information about your target audience. AdTech technologies may also help calculate the return on investment in an advertising campaign.

Programmatic and omnichannel advertising are the two most common forms of advertising technology. The first is nothing more than an automated solution for buying advertising space. These are, for example, banner ads that appear on websites or take up some space on a web page.

Omnichannel advertising is a sort of AdTech that creates seamless brand promotion from one platform to another. For example, you may notice the company’s commercials across several channels like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

The Importance of IT Advertising for Businesses

You may recall a period when advertising was shown to as many users as possible across multiple platforms. Such a method is far from perfection, and the only way to use it is to raise brand recognition. However, with AdTech, the advertising industry is getting an entirely different dynamic.

Businesses may now market their products and services solely to target consumers with the help of ad technology. It means that only people interested in your advertisement will see it.

AdTech enables you to establish a personalized approach to clients and build a real connection with them. These technologies can also figure out the appropriate time for displaying your ad to a particular group of people. As a result, your advertising will be both engaging and financially lucrative.

Here are some more reasons to use the services of an AdTech development company: 

  • Ability to combine different tools in one system

With AdTech, you can combine your advertising tools from various accounts, e.g., social media, search, and display networks. That is, instead of logging into each account separately, you do it in a single place.

  • Ability to follow the user’s path from device to device

AdTech enables you to track user behaviors from one device to another. You may use these technologies to identify, for example, whether the individual who used a laptop initially is the same person who got online from a smartphone. It will allow you to understand the consumers’ preferences better.

  • Ability to obtain the optimal return on investment

You may use advertising technology to optimize your bids for maximum advertising effectiveness. The basic conclusion is that you should not overspend for ads and instead establish a reasonable fee. Any AdTech consultant will be able to assist you in this.

6 Spheres Any AdTech Developer Should Be Good At

The AdTech software developer skills will differ based on the demands of each particular company. Although working with enormous amounts of data is the primary focus of advertising technology, we feel that AdTech developers are more versatile specialists. Here are six main areas they should be competent in:

1) Project Management

It is an area that requires the ability of a specialist to apply methods and tools for advertising project management. Furthermore, it entails the implementation of ad campaigns while adhering to set deadlines and budgets. You can also find switzerland it jobs in just one click.

2) Data Science

Since AdTech is primarily focused on processing data to set up effective advertising, data science knowledge will benefit developers. This science includes the preparation of data for analysis and their actual processing.

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3) Big Data Java Development

Big data is an enormous amount of data that continues to grow every day. Working with such significant volumes of information necessitates applying specialized tools.

Here Java steps in to save the day. Most of the fundamental tools for working with big data are written in this programming language. They are also open-source, making these instruments accessible to anyone. That’s why big data Java development is a promising area in AdTech.

4) Big Data Python Development

Big data is particularly beneficial to the AdTech sector since it allows advertising to reach its intended audience.

Python is another programming language widely used to process big data. The reason for this is that Python is easier to learn than Java and offers numerous ready-made libraries for machine learning, statistical, and data analysis.

5) QA Automation Experienced in AdTech

QA (quality assurance) is an integral part of software development, which entails evaluating the quality of tech solutions. Automation in this context refers to the use of automated testing methods. QA automation experts with AdTech knowledge will be able to deliver high-quality software for efficient advertising.

6) QA Automation with Video Processing

Specialists also use QA automation in video processing. Since visual elements are an essential part of advertising, AdTech developers will need knowledge in this area.

Source: Mobilunity


Advertising technologies have a significant impact on business performance. Owing to AdTech, companies can generate profits by investing reasonable amounts of money in effective digital advertising. If you have decided to hire an AdTech developer, remember what areas he needs to understand. These spheres include big data Java and Python development, QA automation in AdTech and video processing, project management, and data science.

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