Top Tips for Winning with Expert Linkedin Advertising


LinkedIn, a well known social media platform, has emerged from being a humble professional networking to an enormous world force of professionals. It has over 660 million users in more than 220 countries and places across the globe. The presence of potential professionals has urged B2B marketers to leverage LinkedIn to find qualified people to do business with. This social media platform is not just being used for better connectivity, but also for effective digital marketing.

According to reports, Linkedin is responsible for 97% of a business’s social media leads, which means it is a lucrative social media platform for B2B lead generation. Though having a LinkedIn botting software is way beneficial to automate the necessary tasks. Therefore, understanding how to leverage this platform can help set the stage for marketing success. Easier said than done, cracking the code for B2B success entails using the right strategies and engaging content as a foundation.

Here are some expert Linkedin advertising tips to aid B2B marketers who are struggling to get their Linkedin advertising game right.

Create a Compelling Linkedin Company Page

Your Linkedin company page is the first point of interaction with your target audience. So, you should craft compelling content on your company page that is appealing enough to capture the audience and engage them.

Ensure to provide complete and concise information about your company, create a succinct and attractive company description. Adding eye-catching visuals of the company logo and a cover image that resonates with your brand name are some other vital elements.

Besides, keep the page comprehensive and up-to-date so that it will serve to reinforce your credibility and professionalism.

Upload Native Video

It’s obvious that video is the most engaging form of content, given its widespread appeal and engagement levels. One of the expert Linkedin advertising tips is to upload a video about your company and its offerings directly to the platform instead of sharing a link to a video hosted on other channels.

With impressive video capabilities on smartphones today, video marketing is an essential marketing strategy when trying to appeal and covert your target audience. Even in the B2B space, including 59% of executives, audiences prefer taking in content from catchy video graphics that can narrate the story of a company than just reading posts.

Here are some ways to include video in your Linkedin Marketing Strategy:

  • Overview of a platform or a product and share your idea
  • Record a short video giving a synopsis of the content you’re sharing
  • Review a book or other contents and share it
  • Share videos of client testimonials
  • Create a teaser or trailer for a longer video or episode of a series

You can use these videos for Linkedin Sponsored content to drive the audience to your page and engage them.

Paid is Better than Organic

It’s good when people find your content organically. However, with Linkedin Paid Ads, you can amplify your advertising strategy by choosing your target audience to pick a customized group of people, who you think would be interested in your product or service. Subsequently, you can tailor the content accordingly and engage the audience to convert them as customers finally.

Linkedin works with a pay-per-click model, so it pays to include appropriate content with visuals and video to promote your sponsored post and generate more views as possible, even if people fail to click.

You can also take a test drive for your sponsored content by using your company page and promoting the highest-performing updates that are already proven to be a hit with your existing audience.

The trick is targeting the sweet spot of the audience, ensuring that you target decision-makers, create compelling content, making the right bids within the suggested range or above the suggested range for improved ROI.

Leverage Personal Dynamic Ads

The newest feature of Linkedin is the dynamic ads that allow you to craft personalized ads that call for attention and lead to improved reach. Linkedin will personalize the ads based on publicly available information – name, company, and profile details.

Offer Key Value Propositions in Ads with Catchy Captions

Why should an audience click your ad? It’s vital to quickly explain what your ad’s motive is in a nutshell so that users can know what they can get out of it. This is true for all ads regardless of placement – long content posts, single image, video ads, etc.

The above are some expert Linkedin advertising business strategies that you can try. Finally, practice makes you better, so even if the first few campaigns don’t click, you need to learn from your mistakes and keep trying till you get better at it.


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