Top Video Content Tips for Optimized SEO


There are many ways that you can improve your business SEO, and it isn’t all about pushing keywords with articles and blogs (though this, of course, is important). Video content is also a key way you can improve your SEO, alongside providing even more engaging content for your target market.

If you’re already using video content, then you want to be sure that it’s SEO-optimized. Otherwise, it might not be as far-reaching as you’d hoped.

What is Video SEO All About?

SEO for video still has a firm focus on ranking status. That means that any video SEO you implement still has the goal of furthering your position on the search engine results pages. Even though video content is visual, there are still many ways you can include keywords and further your ranking position.

Video Content Tips to Optimize Your SEO

If you want your video content to be SEO-friendly, here are some top tips for you to implement:

  • Include Video Transcript Options for Your Videos

With clear audio and a professional finish, you may not have even thought about the opportunity for a written transcript of your videos. However, providing a video transcript is a key way to place SEO keywords and text alongside your video’s audio and visual. You’ll want a dedicated video transcript in order to incorporate searchable terms which are going to help your business to be found.

To make sure this is done properly, use a professional transcript provider, like

  • Be Descriptive with Titles and Descriptions

This is important on two fronts. One, you want your titles and descriptions to be attention-grabbing enough to make people want to click. Two, descriptive titles and text mean the perfect opportunity to place targeted keywords and phrases which best represent your video content.

Therefore, the best video content titles and descriptions should be those written naturally and creatively, with keywords placed in a non-obvious way.

  • Prepare Your Thumbnail Image

Your thumbnail image is the first snippet your target market is going to see of your video content, and it can be this which sways them into clicking on your video. Your thumbnail image, therefore, needs to be interesting and impressive enough to draw the right attention.

Not only that, but renaming thumbnail images — and any other images you upload in regard to your video content — to include keywords could help with SEO, too.

Your thumbnail image should always be professional in terms of clear quality and the correct size.

  • Make Sure Your Video is Placed on an Equally-Optimized Page

If your video content is being uploaded to your website on a dedicated page, then you need to make sure that page fully supports your video SEO efforts. If not, these can easily affect your video rankings, despite all the hard work you might have put in.

Therefore, be sure to plan for an SEO-optimized page that search engines are going to look favorably upon so that you can be confident in placing your video there, too. If not, bad SEO practices on the existing page could mean your video doesn’t rank as highly as it should. You can Outsource Video Editing to professional videographers to get creative and high-quality videos.


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