How To Track Employee Improvement And Regression


At the turn of this decade, a new trend began to gather steam. Now in 2019, it’s almost at its pinnacle. This trend is that each employee be able to do at least one other employee’s role. This means that every single employee should be capable of multitasking, possessing multiple talents and skills that will allow you to get more out of them. The role of the specialist is still alive and well, but this is mainly for seniors and special positions such as the financial advisor. But each low level employee must be able to don many hats and work in different departments if need be. This is so that your business remains fluid, very tractionalable. It’s extremely vital that your small business be this way so that you not only keep costs down by hiring fewer employees but you also have the power of adapting to almost any situation. You’ll realize the full impact of this quality if and when an economic crash occurs.

Face to face

Although many tasks have moved onto the online sphere, it’s always best to have face to face conversations with employees. Every couple of months or so, check in on them. Make sure you are reading their improvement via performance indicators at their position. Are you hearing good things from their managers or the head of the department they work in? Are they putting in more hours than other people? Are they reliable when it comes to deadlines and making sure their work is in on time? When you have this kind of information, it’s always best to talk to them face to face in your office. See how well they are holding up, what kinds of ideas they have, where they can see improvements etc. The answers they give to your questions can determine how much they have matured since becoming an employee.

Worthy of accolades

The most annoying thing that employees face when they give their all at work, is not being recognized for it. That is not only disheartening, but it stirs up resentment with their boss. Tracking each employee’s improvements takes time and needs to be logged. So consider employee management tools for HR Teams. – enterprise recruiting tools from They help in retaining talent by highlighting those that are on the up and up. This allows you to create full internal mobility for these employees that are worthy of accolades. Every boss wants to give some of their staff promotions as new positions open up and new ones are created. However, they also don’t want to be wrong about their decision as they are putting their faith into someone else. This is why having proof of an employee’s worthiness is vital to making the right choice.

Regression unfortunately is more common than improvement. Employees oftens stagnate and don’t improve their skills until they are challenged. However some brilliant minds are so passionate about what they do, they make sure their quality of work is always high. Track each workers improvement to make sure you can promote the best people you have and keep them on board with your business.

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