Trading Bot for EXMO


EXMO is a cryptocurrency platform through which users can trade, buy and sell digital assets. EXMO is one of the few trading platforms where users can work with both cryptocurrency pairs and fiat currency. Direct withdrawals to bank cards are also possible.

To date, EXMO has more than 178 trading pairs and almost two million registered users. In addition, the exchange has its own native token, EXM, which was released in 2019.

Also on EXMO there is a possibility of automated trading with the help of trading bot from RevenueBot.

About EXMO

The trading platform appeared in 2013, when the developers founded ExMoney exchange. However, the company grew quickly and soon the exchange became a full-fledged cryptocurrency exchange, EXMO.

In 2015 and 2017, the trading platform became one of the best for its existence. In 2015 it was one of the top 10 best trading platforms in Europe, and two years later the number of registered clients exceeded 1 million.

Registration and verification at EXMO

To register on the platform, go to the official website of the exchange and select the relevant item “Registration”. The platform has support for 13 languages, which can simplify the registration procedure.

As for verification, it is mandatory on the platform. Usually, it can be passed immediately after the registration of the account.

The verification procedure takes place in several steps, where the user has to: confirm the identity, then the address, then the card.

It is worth noting that the first stage, proof of identity, is compulsory. Once it is passed, the remaining two will be accessible. However, it is at the user’s discretion to pass them.  But if they are passed, a wider functionality of the platform, such as more payment methods, will open.

Automated trading on EXMO

In order to trade on EXMO exchange in an automated mode, you can use the RevenueBot service. The service provides trading bots for trading platforms, which can trade for a person. If you use RevenueBot you will have access to automated trading on the classic EXMO spot market.

The benefits of automated trading include:

  • Eliminating the human factor;
  • Continuous trading;
  • Trading simultaneously with several trading pairs and on different markets;
  • Versatility and scalability.

Trading on EXMO using a trading bot

The RevenuBot service has a great variety in functionality and robot settings, which allows you to implement many trading strategies and create a trading bot for EXMO.

Users do not pay for the creation or maintenance of the bot. First commissions appear only from successful trades of 20% but no more than 50 USD per month for each of the markets.

Users do not need to constantly sit in front of the computer monitor and watch the charts. The trading bot will run from the cloud storage.

RevenueBot also has its own marketplace where users can buy, sell ready-made bot configurations.


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