5 Tips To Turn Modern Business Cards Into Marvelous Relationships


The purpose of owning a modern business card is not just to introduce yourself. It serves a much bigger target in building productive relationships with potential clients.

Modern business cards are a powerful medium that you can use in business meetings. A well-made business card is going to portray you as a professional in the eyes of the receiver.

But on the other end, it is not going to mean anything if the meetings don’t progress into marvelous relationships and yield profits. Let us see a few ways which would help you do the trick.

  1. Receive As Much As You Give

Most people forget how important it is to receive cards as well. To build a healthy relationship, you have to collect business cards and follow up on them now and then.

If you find them not having a card at the moment, note down their email ID. You can later write them a polite email asking for more personal contact information. You should be the one ready to make efforts to keep them in touch.

  1. Get Ready To Make Efforts

In business, money won’t magically end up in your bank account unless you are ready to put in the required effort. Giving and receiving modern business cards from your peers is vital for your business to grow.

But it doesn’t matter unless you follow up on them. Instead of relying on the card every time, put those contact details in a digital medium, which would allow you to access them easily.

  1. A Long-Lasting First Impression

Following up is not as easy as it sounds. The first impression you make on someone is how they would remember you.

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You must never sound silly. Also, do not expect your client or your associate to remember you. State something which you discussed with them when you last met.

Get personal. Inside jokes work like a charm at situations like these. Using creative transparent business cards would get you a quick response.

  1. Go Creative!

You might send a two page write up but so can a million others. Sending a short video message is the best way to follow up.

You can state something you discussed with them last time and how grateful you were for the conversation.

The receiver will have a personal connection since they can now see and hear you talking to them face to face.

  1. Schedule Your Meetings Before Hand

Frequent follow-ups ensure that you share a strong bond. To do this, discuss with your client and schedule the meetings.

It would remove any confusion which might develop. Once you put them in a calendar, you won’t forget them.

Final Thoughts

The more effort you put in building a good relationship, the more profits you would receive in the future. Always think about it as an investment and not as a burden.


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