What Types of Professionals and Businesses Make the Wedding Industry Successful?


Whether you are an engaged couple learning how to plan a wedding or a business person trying to find the best career fit in the wedding industry, this article will hopefully open your eyes to the many vendors and businesses MoissaniteCo that cater to the wedding industry. For brides and grooms, this article can easily help you learn the different vendors you might need to successfully plan a wedding. For those looking to become a wedding vendor, this article might help you understand the many opportunities there are out there to get involved in.

There are many wedding vendors to consider and looking at websites like Zola may get you connected with some great professionals. Below is a list of the various wedding planners and their job descriptions to help you decide if you need or want to become part of their service.

Wedding Planners

Wedding planners can help with various tasks depending on the couple’s preferences. Their services can range from planning every detail of a ceremony and reception to just making sure the wedding day runs smoothly and on time. Wedding planners are usually given a budget and do a lot of the research behind planning and executing the perfect day. While the extra cost of paying for a wedding planner isn’t always fun, wedding planners generally relieve a great amount of stress on the couple and family.

Wedding Photographers

Wedding photographers are in charge of capturing every important moment of the day. They capture the moments that will be fond memories down the road for the couple. Prices for photographers range based on skill level and experience. Their services might include engagement photos, wedding ceremony and reception photos, and an intimate photo session with just the bride and groom in their wedding attire. Popular photographers with a tight schedule often cooperate with wedding photo editing companies to send clients beautiful images as quickly as possible.

Wedding Videographers

Wedding videographers typically provide edited videos of the most important moments from the day. This can include getting ready, the vows and ceremony, the first dances, the cake cutting, speeches, and moments from the guests dancing and having fun at the reception. Videos can range from short 5-minute recaps to hours of unedited material. It is completely up to the bride and groom’s preferences.


Photo Booths have quickly become a fun part of many weddings around the world, giving guests something extra to do during the reception and giving the guests and newlyweds funny keepsakes from the night. Photo booth attendants are typically in charge of printing photos on the spot for guests and the couple to keep. Their job requires fast work to get people through the long lines while keeping guests entertained and excited.

DJs and MCs

DJs and MCs are usually a vital part of a wedding reception and, occasionally, the ceremony as well. The DJ is responsible for making sure all the music is played while keeping the energy flowing through the night. The MC is the official host of the day, making various announcements and making sure things run smoothly. The DJ and MC can be the same person, or two separate individuals depending on the contract.

Wedding Venues

Ceremony and reception venues are the most important vendors of the reception. This is the location for the event. Options include churches, reception halls, backyards, beaches, public parks, private homes, etc.

Caterers and Bartenders 

Caterers are responsible for providing all cooked meals while bartenders are responsible for mixing and serving drinks to guests. Hiring caterers can include hiring waitresses/serving staff who are responsible for setting up the reception hall, serving meals, bussing tables, and tearing down decorations and tables after the party is over. All of this depends on the type of contract the couple has with the caterer.


Officiants are responsible for officiating the ceremony. They can range from ordained pastors from churches to family members who decide to get licensed online.


Florists typically provide much of the decor for the wedding along with various bouquets for the bridal party. Florists may also design table decorations. The couple can choose to have their florist provide instructions for setting up arrangements or have the florist come to the location and set up the arrangements themselves.

There are many other vendors you can consider when planning a wedding as well. These include but are not limited to cake bakers, seamstress/tailers, car/shuttle drivers, jewelers, honeymoon planners, invitation designers, make-up artists, and so much more.

Finally, make sure you understand the average costs associated with hiring each of these vendors. Remember to stick to your budget!


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