Types of Workers Compensation Injuries


Injuries are a significant issue for employers, as they have to deal with health care costs and lost productivity. Many different types of injuries can happen at work, ranging from cuts to back problems. Knowing what injuries are covered by workers comp can help employers and employees understand what to expect when an injury occurs.

What Types Of Injuries Are Covered BY Workers Compensation?

For many people, the most common type of injury that they think about when it comes to workers comp is a back problem. But, unfortunately, back injuries are by far the most common types of work-related injuries, and this has been true for decades now.

According to some research studies, more than one out of every four people who suffer an on-the-job injury each year will get hurt in the back. Most of these types of damages are minor, but there do seem to be more severe cases arising all the time. At Tulsa Personal Injury Lawyer,  they can help deal with various types of worker’s compensation injuries, such as those to the back.

Knowing which types of injuries qualify for workers comp can help employers and employees understand what to expect when an injury occurs. Though most job-related injuries are not severe, knowing what to do if a more severe injury occurs can help prevent further harm.

  • Continuous or Cumulative Trauma

Cumulative trauma is often called repetitive stress injury, and it occurs when the same motion or action is repeated over time. This can include physical activities such as typing all day at a computer keyboard or using tools of some sort for an extended period each day. Still, cumulative trauma also refers to more mental tasks that are done repeatedly without much change.

  • Lacerations

Lacerations, sometimes called a cut or a torn wound, can often be treated by medical professionals with relative ease. The main issue is that they will need to monitor the wound carefully for signs of infection and make sure it heals appropriately without scarring.

In some cases, surgery may be necessary if large stitches cannot be applied or if the wound is profound.

  • Fractures and Dislocations

People who have a fracture in their arm, leg, finger, toe, or another part of the body may need to wear a cast when it heals so that things do not move around too much during the healing process. However, this can be pretty inconvenient for the injured person, and in addition to the cast, they may need crutches or other medical equipment for a short time.

Dislocations are similar injuries that occur when one of the bones moves out of its socket at either end because it is broken or bent somehow. The damage can also be caused by an impact such as being struck by another person or falling and landing on a hard surface.

  • Concussions

A concussion is not always easy to detect, but it can cause severe problems if the symptoms are not monitored carefully. It occurs when there has been an impact that causes trauma to the brain without breaking any bones around it.

This type of injury can be severe and may even need surgery in some cases. But, most often, the main issue is that a person who has suffered this type of head trauma needs to rest as much as possible before returning to work or school.

  • Burns

Burns are injuries that occur to the skin when it is exposed to heat or flame. They can be severe, mainly if they cover large areas of the body or cause damage around joints and muscles, in addition to just affecting the surface of the skin.

People who have often suffered this type of injury will need several medical treatments and may even require surgery. Most people who suffer burns in the workplace can receive workers comp benefits to cover expenses such as lost wages, medical care, and more.

  • Strains and Sprains

Strains and sprains are the most common types of injuries that occur in the workplace. They often come about because a person is involved in an accident while performing their job. Still, they can also happen when someone has to move something heavy without taking proper precautions beforehand.

  • Eye Injuries

Various things can cause an eye injury, but the most common is when someone has an accident while out on the job. Getting dust or chemicals in your eyes is not usually very serious. It may only require medical treatment to ensure it does not cause any damage, such as scarring around the eyes.

However, if someone loses an eye because of a workplace injury, they can often receive workers compensation benefits to pay for expenses such as medical care, counseling, and more.

What Are The Benefits of Workers Compensation?

Workers comp is designed to help workers receive benefits for lost income and medical expenses from injuries that occur on the job. There are several different types of claims, but most people who have been injured at work will be eligible to file a claim if they meet specific requirements.

When an individual is hurt while working because someone else was negligent or reckless, it can often open the door to a workers comp claim. When you file for benefits, you will need medical documentation of your injury and proof that it happened while on the job for them to be approved.

Final Words

As an employee, you should know your rights and that it is essential to be honest about injuries if they occur while working. Seek legal advice if you have been injured on the job so you can learn more about what to expect and how workers compensation works.


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