5 Underrated Benefits Of SEO Services New Entrepreneurs Ignore


We live in a digital era! So, no matter what domain your idea of business belongs to and how great it sounds – somewhere in time, you’ll have to go Digital. By Digital, I don’t mean just posting quotes and product pictures on your Instagram or Facebook account. It would mean choosing a long-lasting and trustworthy medium to keep your business on track and growing. And one of them is – SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

For budding entrepreneurs, SEO might prove to be a great and profitable tool. If for a reason or too, you have been ignoring the benefits – I would want to remind you that it’s a shot worth taking.

And to be frank, we don’t blame you at all! There are so many underrated talks happening over the internet including it is not worth your time, it is time-consuming and some also say that SEO’s dead. So, before any further ado, let’s tell you five underrated benefits of SEO Services new entrepreneurs ignore.

1) SEO Can Locate Your Potential Customers

You might have laughed it out before but predictions by industry experts state that SEO holds a worth of becoming an 80 billion dollars industry in the coming years. Does that charm you enough? I am quite sure it does. Let me tell you the reason behind it.

Everything is moving online. From pizza shops to salons and spas to a website development company. Why? Because people are making quick searches in the search bars to find the best gourmet pizza in town, craving for a great website for their new startup and so on.

SEO helps you determine your customer’s behaviour. This means, the more data it reveals the more you get closer to your customer and understand their intent. And being a newbie into the business where you have almost zero to negligible experience, knowing your customer would be the first step to kickstart your business.

The point is, they don’t know that ‘You Exist’. So no matter how great and unique services you offer – it is of no point if it doesn’t reach out to the right people. With competition so high, you might not even realise that your competitors are already stealing away your customers while you are stuck in a traffic jam.

2) Seo Helps You Establish A Brand Value

When you have just launched your business, on what basis is someone going to opt your services over others? They neither trust you nor your products – at least not at this moment! SEO can help you build that trust factor which in turn makes it easy for you to sell in future.

When you search for a pair of sneakers on Google, why do you prefer to explore the first three or five results (which might include Nike, Puma, Adidas and so on) to buy it? Exactly – because you trust the fact that the ones placed on the top by Search Engines are exclusive and the best.

It means trust plays a key role in building relationships and value with your potential customers. So, when your company shows up in the search results, customers start to notice and visit your website.

They might end up signing for a weekly newsletter or even register themselves to be a part of your product launch event. Reasons can be any – all they need is to see your business name pop when they search for it.

A good SEO ranking creates an intrinsic value in the eyes of your consumers. That is where you can make a sales pitch and earn credibility for delivering quality-oriented services.

3) SEO holds a future

For fresh entrepreneurs, doing business is not easy. From signing paychecks, scaling their business, retaining new clients, managing payrolls to taking care of building brand value – everything would go through you. So, putting SEO on the back burner is not a good idea. You might be under the impression that how could a predefined set of keywords and geo-targeting help me drive crazy-level sales? Well, it does! It has!

And amidst all these ignorant and half-cooked talks, the facts state that SEO is going to stay here for a long-long time. If you believe that SEO is just a fad, you need to rethink! Because as far as people are going to hit search engines with keywords – SEO is going to affect businesses and their growth.

On this note, I would like to quote the words of Joshua Guerra, CEO of BIZCOR “As long as you are focusing on optimal user experience while performing methodic SEO strategies, you will be rewarded with higher positioning and organic traffic.”

4) Seo Is A Stress-free Deal

Unlike any other marketing channels and online advertising models including Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing or Pay per click, SEO is way too pocket-friendly. Even if you lack the knowledge, time and expertise related to SEO, hiring an SEO expert or even a team wouldn’t cost you unicorns. Imagine yourself not having to set up any infrastructure, pay for installing licenced software, register them into your payroll software, pay incentives and approve their sick leaves.

You can be free from these tedious tasks and focus on the core business areas. With SEO strategies in place, you don’t have to go nuts worrying about finding new clients to meet your next month’s sales target.

5) Seo Can Quantify Growth

Being an entrepreneur, you have to ensure that every decision you would take for your company’s growth must be right! And while your business is still new and you are in a learning phase, it is impossible to know your prospective clients to close sales. You have to create, track and revise your approach to accumulate potential leads and nurture them.

To know how your product is consumed by the audience, you need to watch them closely. A good SEO strategy can help you quantify growth in the form of increased organic traffic, the number of clicks, conversions, impressions, decreased bounce rate, ROI-driven landing pages and so on.

The better you pitch, the more people talk about you and share it on various social media platforms. And when SEO services collaborate with social media efforts, you can witness a significant increase in the number of people engaging with your services/products.


For budding entrepreneurs like you, SEO is a sure-shot way of demonstrating your business capabilities and the solution you bring on the table. Any business in the world is tightly coupled with two things – trust and value your product drives. SEO is for everyone but it does not come in free-size because every business is different and so is its foundation. Thus, before you say NO-NO to SEO, give it a try and the results will surely amaze you.

Having worked with bootstrapping startups, tech enterprises, business owners and leading agencies – we as a Local SEO Company know how you can ground up your new business using SEO.


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