A Guide to Understanding the Custom Challenge Coins


Have you ever thought of creating a challenge coin? This is one of the greatest ideas! Deciding to sell or create challenge coins is the beginning of the whole process; you still have to finalize the design. The article below will give you a better understanding of the customizable challenge coins.

  • What Is the Challenge Coin?

It is described as a unique, custom-designed coin representing an occasion, group, or organization. The coins are small and circular and might bear the organization’s logo. Rather than being used as currency, the coins are commemorative, which often carries monetary value. The coins are normally kept in a box, carried in the pocket, or displayed on the wall.

  • What Are the Challenge Coins Used For?

Traditionally, the challenge coins were used to recognize an individual’s special achievement, membership, and unity in an organization, company, or community. In history, receiving a challenge coin has been an honor, and its treasure can be passed on to the next generation. In addition, the challenge coins in the military were used to demonstrate proof of membership. Today, the military still uses the coins as proof of membership.

  • Types Of Custom Coins

The most popular coins are the studio challenge, military, and commemorative coins. All of them are customizable but mainly differ in their intended use. Below are the three main types of challenge coins:

Challenge coins: These are popular among the military and other organizations as a mark of recognition. The challenge coins may feature the organization’s name, founding date, values, etc. The challenge coins have a root in the military, but any organization can respectfully create its own.

Military coins are presented to members who have just achieved a particular rank, all service members in a certain unit. These are deeply rooted in tradition and are mainly used by the Navy, Army, Air Force, Marine, and Coast Guard. They have a typical feature with a mix of writing and decorative insignia.

Commemorative coins typically celebrate an event or honor an individual’s accomplishments. The coins include the organization’s emblem with dates, achievements, or titles. The coins may be given to honor military service or any other significant achievements.

Collectible coins: Some challenge coins are created purely for collectors and may have unique designs or themes. These types of coins may not have any organization attached to them.

  • Building Your Collection

Once you have a better understanding of the different types of challenge coins, you can start building your collection with the steps below:

  1. Determine your focus
  2. Do thorough research
  3. Start acquiring coins
  4. Have proper storage and display for your coins
  5. Participate in trade shows
  6. Join the online community for easy marketing
  7. Display your collection
  8. Trade the coins with other collectors
  9. Create your customizable challenge coins


When given a coin, what does it mean? Different groups of people give the challenge coins for different reasons. As said earlier, some might be a sign of acceptance, some after achieving something great, and some are given special circumstances.

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