Unique and Fun Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas


You will agree that, when it comes to true love, every day can be called Valentine’s Day.

So how can that one day, when love should be officially celebrated, be different from the other days of the year? How could you make it stand out and be remembered as a truly special day? What could you possibly give to your loved one, to be different and unique, and yet show your partner how much you care about him or her?

Travels, jewelry, baskets filled with sweets and cakes ordered online, flowers, or dinners for two, are the most common ways to mark this day everywhere, including the UAE.

Keep in mind that whatever gift you might choose, that small gesture of attention and love will make your partner happy. But, if you want to do something extraordinary for your partner, then something is missing in this “general” approach.

It is missing changes. It lacks imagination.

There is certainly something in every relationship, from which an exciting and unusual gift can be designed, and be of a special significance.

After all, haven’t all those standard gifts and surprises become boring and predictable?! So, let’s enrich this day with gifts that are based on a great sense of humor.

Here are seven best examples of unique and fun gift ideas for Valentines Day:

  1. Beer Table for Outdoor Events

If the gift is intended for a true beer lover, this table might be a perfect choice. Simple in design, with a beer opener and a holder for cans and snacks, this table will surely make every man happy. For example, enjoying beautiful weather in Dubai with this table will feel much better with a gift like this.

  1. Glasses Holder

If your partner often loses his glasses, even though he needs and enjoys wearing them, this might be the perfect Valentine’s day gift for him/her. In a humorous way, you will show your loved one that you know well what it is he/she needs. You can find such holders hand-carved and designed just to look like the nose, where the glasses should stand (when not lost).

  1. Date Night Bucket List

Even when you’ve been together for so long that it seems like there’s nothing you haven’t done together, you’re wrong. This jar with 25 sticks containing various exciting tasks that you might not remember on your own, is a wonderful gift for both of you. After completing one task, write the date on the back of the stick and move on. Enjoy creating shared works of art with the love of your life.

  1. The Hobbit Slippers

If your partner often wakes you up at night because he gets out of bed to eat something, these slippers are an ideal gift. If he can’t do without night visits to the refrigerator, these slippers will ensure that his footsteps are inaudible, just like a real Hobbit. Even if you’ve watched LOTR multiple times, do it once more. And then, in a situation that seems convenient to you, give him his Valentine’s day gift.

  1. Photo Book

Pick out the craziest pictures of you and your partner and make a photo book. In addition to photos, you can also design a space where you will write some funny messages. You will have a beautiful memory, and you will remember how much fun it is when you are together. And maybe this gift will take you on some more adventures together, who knows.

  1. Personalized Pillows

If you cannot be with your loved one as much as you would like, this gift can be what you are looking for. A picture, inscription, or some important message on the pillow will bring your loved one closer to you in moments of separation. You can also make a joke this way. For example, differentiate to whom which part of the pillow belongs.

  1. Personalized Toilet Paper

When it comes to a gift like this, even the sole effort of designing it is more than enough to make your partner realize what kind of unique gift he just got. Toilet paper with a love statement printed in red letters is undoubtedly an unmistakable gift. It will make the person for whom it is intended smile, at least several times a day, every day until the paper is used up.

Let’s Wrap it Up

These would be some of our suggestions for original gifts for Valentine’s Day. If these ideas are not enough for you, you can find more inspiration at the following link: https://www.uncommongoods.com/gifts/valentines-day/valentines-day-gifts.

However, in case you think that these funny gifts are not suitable for your relationship or marriage, a “sweet” surprise is also a gift that everyone will be happy to receive. An example of such Valentines day gift would be a cake with motifs meaningful to the two of you or a funny inscription. If you decide to go with a casual gift like this, and you live in the UEA, you can always order cake online Dubai.

In the end, love is the mover of everything in the world, so the importance given to it is very justified. There is a saying that love returns with love. Therefore, love, and you will be loved. Happy Valentine’s Day.


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