Unique Businesses Ideas that Can Help Couples Make their Pre-Wedding Plans Stress-Free


The stress of a wedding can truly cause mountains of stress on a couple. From creating a guest list to choosing the right decor, planning a wedding is all about making stressful decisions together. However, wedding planning can also be a great opportunity to start a project together such as a whole new business. Here are some unique business ideas that can help couples get rid of those pre-wedding stressors:

  • Get Planting – Everyone is looking to go green, especially in their homes. Boutique plant stores are becoming all the rage and open up a whole new arena for small business owners. Today, more and more people are stepping away from traditional plant nurseries and are instead looking for stores that have specially curated collections of plants. As an owner of a plant shop you can get plants for wholesale and sell them for profit as well as other planting accessories such as planters and pots.

Weddings are also starting to see green as many florists are incorporating potted plants into their wedding decorations. Planting and gardening has also shown to help reduce stress. You can make money with your partner to help pay for wedding expenses and also gain a stress-relieving hobby.

  • Vlogging – Vlogging was once just a fun way to document your day for family and friends. However, today vlogging is a huge industry that has created successful careers for people who are simply just recording their day-to-day routine. Creating a vlogging channel with your partner to document your wedding planning process can be a great way to start a business together and also help ease the stress of wedding planning. Vlogging can bring some much needed fun and humor to the wedding planning process for the two of you and also be a great way to preserve memories for later. Plus, vlogging can bring in some extra cash that can help you pay for wedding expenses.

  • Jewelry designers – Jewelry is an inevitable part of a wedding. From the very beginning of the wedding planning process, jewelry plays a big part in a wedding especially with choosing the right engagement ring and then picking the right jewelry for the big day. By the end of the whole process you and your partner are likely experts in gems and design. If the design bug has bitten you in the process of wedding planning, starting a jewelry design business is a great way to make some extra cash to pay for that honeymoon.

Starting a jewelry business might seem like an overwhelming task but thanks to the internet the process is much easier than ever. Many jewelry designers today might not even have their own storefront, but instead choose to operate completely online. Websites such as Etsy make it easy for designers to sell their own pieces to clients all over the world. Finding gems to work with is much easier and cheaper now as well. You can easily find loose diamonds and other precious gems online from reputable sources.

  • Aura Photography – Aura photography is the new growing spiritual trend that everyone cannot get enough of. Aura photography is the process of capturing one’s aura through a polaroid. Whether the process actually captures a person’s energy is up for debate. However, it is definitely a lot of fun! It is a great and unique way to update a typical photo booth at a wedding. The equipment for aura photography is easily transportable and really nothing more than basic photo equipment and the AuraCam, which is the receptor box that captures the subject’s aura. Starting an aura photography business is a great way to get into the wedding industry. It offers a unique experience for wedding guests and a great giveaway as well.

The wedding industry is a billion dollar industry that offers many great opportunities for small business owners to get their foot in the door. This is also a great field for those that want to turn creative energy into profit. Starting a business with your partner can also help the two of you ease the wedding planning stress by working together on another project that could also help pay for your wedding expenses.


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