Using Social Media Trends to Boost your Business


Social media might not drive business growth by itself, but the trends it promotes can make up a key part of any marketing campaign. Platforms of all types can help companies when it comes to boosting brand awareness, connecting with clients and driving sales. Social networks now offer shopping, advertising and search engine functionality, making them the ideal location for you to showcase your business.

Take your business to the world

Maintaining a visible social media presence has become as important as viewing the latest market analysis for businesses. The Bull will keep you posted on every key development in the world of investing, worldwide markets and trading. However, social media gives companies of any size the chance to compete with these global brands. Today more than half of the world’s population are connected to social media, so if your business is not taking advantage of this channel, your competitors will be.

Authentic interactions between brands and their audience

User-generated content fills the pages of most social media platforms and users react well to this informal approach. You could ask your audience to create content that showcases your service or simply ask questions that engage people. Starting conversations, with your consumers in a laid-back way is a trend that’s gaining traction. There will also be a move away from the traditional tone of advertising promotions and a focus on relaxing chat.

Transactions are becoming easier for buyers

Marketing and selling products through social media has become known as social commerce and it is one of the most important trends to look out for. As increasing numbers of social media platforms have shopping enabled, brands should be ready to capitalize on this function. Consumers can discover a product they love and purchase it from within the app. As they don’t have to leave the page, the action is seamless and the customer is unlikely to pause or reconsider. Whether your business focusses on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok this a trend which allows you to benefit from impulse buys.

Building brand communities for your customers

When enough people are interested in your brand story, they can get together to create a community. Brand communities have sprung up all over social media, they are easy to establish and provide your loyal customers with a richer, more immersive experience. Community pages bring your customers together so they can share stories that involve your product or service and chat about their experiences. Consumers benefit because they get to feel like part of an exclusive inner circle, with a direct line to their favorite brand. For a business, there are multiple benefits. These include the opportunity to strengthen their brand identity, refine their marketing and improve communication with their customers.

Show how trustworthy your company is

Social media has been very effective at removing the barriers that separate brands from their clients. Before picking up the phone, customers are following the social media trend of commenting on a company’s Twitter or Facebook account. This is a great opportunity for your business to demonstrate how much it cares about customers. Be sure to reply to queries in a friendly supportive way, so the customer concerned and anyone else who reads the exchange, will view your business as reliable.

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