Utilizing Manual Lift Tables to Enhance Workers’ Ergonomic Safety


Manual lift tables can come in handy to help enhance employee safety in the material handling industry. It’s worth mentioning that this sector can be hazardous especially where there is no proper equipment and training. Material handling activities involve moving heavy objects from one place to the other.

Enhanced Equipment

Mechanical engineering enhancements such as manual lift tables boost worker safety in the material handling sector. The tables raise the load to an employee’s comfort area. This prevents the worker from straining to reach the object.

When workers operate from their comfort area, chances of suffering from MSD (musculoskeletal disorders) are highly reduced. The use of manual lift tables is among the major enhancement strategies that companies can adopt to improve employee safety. These machines come in varying shapes, sizes, and complexity.

Employees require exclusive operating skills to guarantee safety when using them. Further, different tables are designed for various purposes. Manual lift tables are among the five fundamental types of industrial lift tables available in warehouse applications and factories.

About Manual Lift Tables

A Manual lift table is the most basic and simplest lift table type in the market. Employees working with this table can operate it manually. This equipment is ideal for lifting light objects.

How do Businesses Benefit From Using Lift Tables?

Lift tables play a huge role in accelerating the return on investment in any material handling company. By adopting lift tables, warehouse facilities and factories will benefit in various ways as seen below.

·         Enhanced Efficiency

Lift tables boost efficiency in any material handling facility. Utilizing lift tables reduces employee strain and the time they spend on attempting to reach far off their comfort area. This comes in handy to cut down tasks that trigger fatigue and slow down productivity. Businesses that utilize lift tables are more productive which enhances profitability.

·         Economic Advantage

Manual lift tables reduce the time employees spend raising and lowering heavy objects. This triggers a reduction in affiliated handling costs. Using these gadgets is also ideal when it comes to reducing injuries in the workplace. Businesses will not have to worry about incurring losses on employee compensation expenses.

·         Ergonomic Advantages

Manual lift tables are critical in an ergonomically outlined work environment. Differentiating worker ergonomic needs and business handling requirements is a major enhancement. Lift tables are beneficial both to the workers and employers.

·         Portability

Manual lift tables come in portable designs and this enhanced versatility benefits. You can use these gadgets at different locations within the workplace with ease. In cases where the applications can only be executed outdoors, these lift tables are ideal for outdoor use. Portability is a major factor to consider when purchasing a manual lift table.

·         Stability

A good quality manual lift table is specially designed to be stable. Stability is a critical factor that prevents the table and objects from falling off and injuring the employees.

·         Safety

Improving worker safety is the utmost reason why businesses would want to invest in a manual lift table. With a good quality table, workers can operate within their comfort areas with ease. These enhanced safety benefits make the workplace safer. A safe working environment is essential for enhanced employee productivity and profitability.

How to Utilize a Lift Table Safely

Improper use of lift tables can expose workers to danger. Workers should be conversant with the gadget before using it to prevent accidents and injuries. Here are tips to help you use a lift table safely.

·         Choose the Right Equipment

Picking the right table for your needs is the first step towards enhancing safety. Using the wrong table for your working area is not only hazardous, but it also goes against industry regulations.

·         Capacity

Overloading a lift table beyond the manufacturer’s recommended weight capacity may lead to a collapse of the lift table. Such an incidence can cause injuries and damage to important commodities.

Other factors that can enhance safety when using a lift table include;

  • Load placement
  • Worker protective equipment and
  • Maintenance


Purchasing a manual lift table is a big step towards enhancing safety in the workplace. Investing in lift tables can be a costly affair. However, they come with numerous benefits that surpass the initial investment.


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