Vital Technology Every Small Business Needs During the Pandemic


During the COVID-19 pandemic, your company could use all the technological help it can get to find efficiencies, reduce operational expenses, and improve market reach, especially if you’re facing shelter-in-place orders from your government.

A Killer Mobile App

With physical distancing rules being enforced, it’s challenging for many small businesses like yours to meet their sales targets. An excellent solution is to develop an app for your business in partnership with a renowned team of developers that utilizes the latest app technology to create killer software.

Remember, there are over 1.5 billion active iOS users and over 3 billion Android phone users across the globe — you simply can’t afford to ignore such a large volume of potential customers.

As of 2021, the world is expected to have 5 billion smartphones in use. That’s a lot of people who can’t get enough apps! These days businesses are realizing that having just a website or Facebook page isn’t going to be good enough anymore- mobile app marketing is where it’s. at now for big and small organizations around the globe. Therefore if you’re thinking about expanding your business and want to reach more customers than ever before, then a mobile app for your company, that offers full services like mobile app strategy, product design, and development might just be what you need.

COVID-19 Apps

Stay up to date with a local COVID-19 news app in order to plan for the unexpected. Likewise, download your national contact tracing app to protect your employees and customers from outbreaks. You may also want to download contactless payment apps to help your business accept payments securely during the pandemic.

Website Development Tools

As more customers take their business to the Internet, you must adopt the online business model before your company gets left behind. You can even develop a professional, intuitive, and modern looking website yourself using free tools and plugins. In addition, you can also sign up with ecommerce platforms to implement digital payment systems.

Project Management Tools

An excellent way to work with your team remotely is to use project management software that allows your organization to share files, collaborate, communicate, and meet deadlines. With the right project management tools, you can also slash operational costs and improve productivity.

Videoconferencing Tools

Communicate with your team easily with robust videoconferencing software like Zoom. If you’re concerned about Zoom’s cybersecurity breaches, then try Google Hangouts or GoToMeeting.

Social Media Marketing Tools

A cost-effective way to enhance your market reach is to use social media marketing tools available on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. When used correctly, the tools can help you connect with new customers, improve your products and services, gain valuable market insights, and implement fresh sales strategies.

Robust Bookkeeping Software

If you can’t afford to pay an accountant for bookkeeping, then don’t worry. Modern accounting software can help you keep track of invoices, bills, salaries, and much more. You can also automate the tools to make the tasks less labour-intensive. Of course, it’s best to use software that’s on the cloud to improve financial security and help your team access your books from anywhere.

Cybersecurity Software

As more businesses adopt the online business model, hackers target them with sophisticated ransomware, spyware, and spear-phishing attacks. Use cutting edge cybersecurity software to keep every device in your organization safe from people with bad intentions. It’s also a good idea to secure your network with an AI-powered firewall and a cooperate virtual private network (VPN).

Although the economic environment may be challenging because of the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s hope in sight. And until the business climate improves, small organizations like yours can stay operational by being proactive, flexible and leveraging technology.


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