4 Ways Startups Can Boost Employee Productivity


Few startups have a substantial margin for error. Rather, most new companies need to hit the ground running to ensure their long-term viability. One of the best ways to give your new business every chance of achieving success is to focus on employee morale and productivity. Plain and simple, the performance of your team members now can have an impact on your startup for years to come. With that in mind, today we’ll review four ways that new business leaders can get the best from their supporting cast. Check them out here:

New Tools & Resources

Perhaps the most straightforward way to increase employee output is to equip them with better tools and resources. Note, this can include new technologies like software updates or educational content to help them address common problems in the workplace. Buying elearning content for your team can provide them with the info they need to optimize their performance.

Hold Better Meetings

Unfortunately, many companies do not hold efficient and effective meetings. In fact, a large number of employees find corporate meetings to be a waste of their time. While you may not be able to eliminate meetings entirely, you can hold better meetings to ensure more positive outcomes. Make sure your meetings are brief, on subject, and oriented around goals you want to achieve. This is particularly important for businesses that hold remote meetings on a regular basis!

Praise & Reward Quality Work

Positive feedback can go a long way toward bolstering an employee’s confidence and morale. At the end of the day, the happier and more secure your team members feel, the better they’ll perform over the long haul. Remember also that you don’t have to provide your team with extravagant gifts to reward them for excellent work. More often than not, simply recognizing good work is enough to make an employee feel valued.

Promote from Within

Building an organization from the ground up requires business leaders to place trust in their team members. Promoting employees to new positions in your company is a great way to improve morale while also maintaining continuity in the workplace. It’s typically much easier to train an employee who is already familiar with your organization than it is to bring a stranger up to speed.


Though business leaders should strive to stay engaged with their employees, they also need to realize when they should step back as well. No one appreciates being micromanaged. So look to strike a good balance between providing support and giving your team space. Do that, and your new company will have every chance of thriving!


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