Ways To Calculate The Effectiveness Of Your Online Ad Campaign


Ad campaigns can either be a blessing or a curse. Your approach marks the difference.

If you do not know how effective your ad campaigns are, then you may be pouring time and resources into a marketing strategy that is nowhere near as efficient as it should be. Considering that some marketing endeavors can be laughably awful, the sooner you know where you land here, the sooner you can celebrate your success or make crucial adjustments.

How do you make a grab for consensus here? Read on to find out.

Click Through Rates

The click through rate tells you how many users click on your online ads, which can be an incredibly useful slice of information to be privy to.

While this data does not directly correlate to conversions (users acting in a way that directly benefits the business), it can tell you precisely how attractive your online ad is. For example, NBC noted in 2014 that ad copy needs to be engaging to bolster clickt hrough rates, so if yours is low that could be an area needing a rework. That is good to know, whether it is for sake of strategy or pure encouragement.

If things falter at the conversion stage, it might mean that the ad itself is fine, but that something dissuaded potential customers from making the purchase or hiring the service once they landed on the domain page. At the very least, click through rates can help you ascertain how well your ad directs a steady flow of traffic to your business.

Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)

ROAS is a metric that keeps you up to speed on the profitability of your PPC campaigns, from individual ad groups, campaigns, and networks.

It focuses on revenue generated and not just conversions. Even if a customer clicks your ad and buys a product, and then returns after two days have elapsed and buys another, it will all be credited to ad revenue because that was the first point of contact. That precision in your ad monitoring counts for a great deal.

If you have any lingering concerns, check this article about ROAS vs ROI (Return on Investment) from ClickGUARD. They will clear up any confusion you may be experiencing, providing a comprehensive breakdown on everything you need to know here. Ultimately, they will help you protect your ad campaigns and grow your business efficiently. When that is achieved, entrepreneurial confidence will be steadily built alongside.

Viewers and Impressions

Viewers and impressions, though elementary, can be quite telling.

If many people have seen your ad, but not clicked anything, then something is clearly wrong with your approach. Few views and impressions may also be an indicator that your search engine optimization (SEO) strategies are not resonating, or that some other visibility tool that you have at your disposal is failing.

Of course, registered ‘viewers’ have not always necessarily seen the ad either, as they may have scrolled right past it as they browsed an interesting webpage. All the same, though, views and impressions can help you ascertain your overall reach, and help you compare which ad campaigns of yours are most visible. If the time ever comes for streamlining the firm, you will know which efforts to cut loose.


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