4 Ways to Enhance the Parking Experience for Increased Revenue


The first thing a guest does when arriving to an event is park their car. When they leave, the last thing they will remember is leaving the lot. Whether conscious or not, the parking experience can set the tone for their entire experience and determine how likely a guest is to return to your lot.

Consider a sporting event, for example. If a guest can’t find a spot anywhere around the venue and ends up missing the start of the game, they’re going to blame it on the parking options. Then, the next time they’re going to a game, they will be less likely even to try parking at the event.

Optimizing your lot to modernize and enhance the parking experience will allow you to add new customers and retain existing ones, which will, in turn, increase your operating income.

Let’s take a look at four parking network solutions that you should consider implementing.

1. Implement Contactless Parking Apps

There seems to be an app for everything these days, and parking is no exception. People love things that are quick and convenient, and apps allow for just that.

Parking apps can speed up the parking process for customers by allowing them to store their credit card information in the app and add time to their meter from their phone. This saves customers having to wait in line to get to the meter and from having to run back out to their car to add extra time to avoid getting a ticket.

2. Allow for Pre-Paid Parking

The stress and dread of finding a parking spot at an event can be enough for some to opt to be dropped off or take an uber. Offering pre-paid parking will give potential customers the peace of mind that they have a spot reserved.

This is a great way of gaining repeat customers as you will be giving customers the confidence that your lot will always be a place where they can confidently park.

3. Consider Your Lot’s Prices

Comparing the price of nearby lots is a good idea in order to stay informed of the local competition. That being said, the prices of other lots does not need to determine the price you set. You can charge a premium for the speed and convenience that the proximity of your lot brings to your customers.

If your lot is charging more, consider a way of offsetting the cost to the end-user. This could be something as simple as allowing guests to redeem their parking ticket for a free soft drink at the event.

4. Offer Valet Services

If someone is running late for an event, they’re going to want their parking sorted out as quickly as possible. By offering valet services, guests can drop off their keys and get off to their event with plenty of time to spare.

Not only do valet services simplify the parking experience for your customers, but it also offers a luxurious element to an otherwise mundane task. This will leave a lasting impression for your customers and encourage them to return to your lot in the future.


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