4 Ways to Get More Clients for Your Cleaning Business


The use of cleaning services by individuals and companies has undeniably become very common. Today there is a plethora of cleaning companies and an even larger pool of people and companies looking to break into a vibrant thriving market.

However, if you’re already an established cleaning business with many years of experience, your main concern and challenge might be how to get new clients and retain the existing ones.  It takes a lot of time and effort to grow your customer base, but there are ways to go about it without it being complicated and costly.

In this article, we’ll share simple and effective ways on how you can find more clients for your cleaning business.

Create a Well-Designed Cleaning Proposal

To sweep clients off their feet and set your business apart from your competitors, a cleaning services proposal is a must. You’re the one who knows the ins and outs of your cleaning business the best, and since you also know your clients, as well as their needs and specific problems, writing a proposal to sell your cleaning services will not be difficult to do.

There are plenty of online resources available for you to use to introduce and highlight your services, present your prices, and get prospects to see why you’re the right choice for the job. When you use a cleaning proposal template to its full potential, you will be able to show prospective clients that your main priority is to keep them satisfied. Writing a winning cleaning proposal will impress your prospects and allow you to win more contracts without selling yourself short.

Have a Robust Online Presence

There are a lot of approaches to attracting new clients. However, all of us turn to the internet and search engines like Google when we need products and services. As a result, using these channels is highly beneficial when looking to get the attention of new customers.

A key to success as a cleaning company is to have a well-established online presence. A well-crafted website can do wonders for your cleaning company and create added value that could have felt at one point unattainable. The majority of your potential customers are on the internet. That is why a website is essential for your business.

Social media is an additional tool for staying visible online. Opening a Facebook page or an Instagram account for your cleaning business where you continuously post content, updates, and offers is also crucial in today’s world of business and marketing as it keeps your business fresh whenever someone thinks of hiring your services.  The website itself is the most important part, but social media are good platforms for strengthening and nurturing your existing customer relationships.

Take Care of Your Existing Clients

A good reputation spreads quickly and can help you a lot in the search for new customers. Partly because your satisfied clients can recommend you to acquaintances and partly by using their reviews in your marketing. You can also use external review sites to increase your credibility with the help of existing customer reviews.

Maybe this should be tip number one, but answering your customers swiftly when they want to get in touch with you is vital for your business.  Those who win the most cleaning jobs are those who are quick, polite, and willing to help.

Lastly, use your clients’ referrals to create testimonials for your website or social media. The more positive reviews, the greater chances of a prospect looking into your services.

Search Engine Optimization

There are even more ways to improve your online visibility and attract new customers. And we’ve saved the best for last. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the main way we recommend cleaning companies to get new customers.

SEO is about optimizing your website and its content to appeal to both users and search engines. A well-adapted website that feels professional and informs potential customers about your services is a must. The goal is to end up as high up in Google’s organic hit list as possible, to drive in more traffic and get more contact requests.

The advantage of investing in SEO is not having to pay for every time someone clicks on your website. When you use paid ads, you have to pay every time people click on your ad. By investing in search engine optimization instead, you can place yourself at the top of the search engines, without spending a lot of money.

Final Thoughts

Creating a well-designed cleaning proposal, establishing a digital presence, and asking for customer referrals are only some of the ways to find new clients, keep the existing ones without breaking the bank. They will generate positive publicity and help you appeal to new clientele.


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