Ways to Improve Employee Recruiting and Retention


The survival and success of any business are dependent on the employees. Therefore, you have to figure out ways to continually improve the existing recruiting and retention system to ensure you always have capable hands.

To improve employee recruiting and retention, you need to find out what your current employees are looking for, what skills they have that you can use to attract the right candidates, and how to implement a successful recruiting strategy. Read on to find out practical ways to improve employee recruiting and retention in your company or business.

How To Improve the Recruitment Process

Recruiting a team of employees that are highly inspired and diligent at work takes skills. The process could be stressful, but it always pays off when you eventually hire the right team.

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Your recruitment process should be selective from the very start. You should consider soft skills like integrity, personal relationships, attitude to work, and professional and academic qualifications. If your company doesn’t have the time or resources to develop a recruitment process, then partnering with a recruiting agency is a great option. Find a firm that specializes in your industry and has the expertise to spot the talent that can make the most impact in your business. Oftentimes, they are employed with industry experts that have spent decades in the industry and know exactly what qualities a candidate needs to excel.

Apart from the above, it will also help if you do the following:

  • Develop a Recruiting Plan

When developing a recruiting plan, try to think outside the box. Recruiters always look for unusual behaviors and characteristics to make their job easier. For example, you might have employees that complain about working too much or being bored. You might consider hiring a survey team to randomly visit the work areas of your employees to discover any problems or concerns they have that might be turned into great opportunities for your company.

You can also design a plan that outlines the type of hires you want and what will happen right from the interview stage to the induction stage. This outline can include things like staff training, staff orientation, etc. Whatever you decide to include in the plan, make sure it’s something that makes the system works better.

  • Ask For Your Employees’ Opinion

Do yourself a favor and ask for the opinion of your existing employees. They probably know the most pressing needs of the organization. They may also have a perfect profile to fit the position. But if you don’t ask, they may not volunteer any information.

Therefore, it’s always in your best interest to ask your employees for their opinions and incorporate this with what you already have.

Ways To Improve Employees Retention

It isn’t enough to recruit the best team; you need to retain them for effective growth and sustainability. Here are ways to improve employee retention.

  • Encourage Feedback

You boost your employees’ morale when they get positive feedback from their customers or bosses. However, an employee wants and needs both positive and constructive feedback to perform optimally.

The only thing is that positive feedback should be more than negative/constructive feedback.

Ensure that you have commended your staff for a job well done before you make negative or corrective criticisms. This will boost your employees’ morale and confidence and remind them that they contribute positively to the company’s growth.

  • Give Room for Employees to Show their Creativity

You surely don’t want robots as staff. Otherwise, you could have just bought one robot to serve; after all, they are fast and easy to control.

But because humans love creativity and diversity, you need to allow the human mind to express its creativity. Many companies agree that creativity is important, yet most companies refuse to create enough avenues for employees to explore their creativity.

There are different ways you can encourage your staff to be creative this include:

  1. Encouraging Open Communication Among Your Employees: Open communication means there is transparency. Employees are free to give their opinions without the fear of bias or backlash from the organization.
  2. Appreciate Employees’ Services: Intentionally celebrate and appreciate your employees’ services. You can do this publicly. You can even go as far as giving a reward for work well done. This will encourage employees to put forth more effort and unleash their creativity.
  3. Encourage employees to contribute innovative ideas and give rewards for creative ideas.
  4. Build and encourage a positive and creative workplace.
  • Promote Respect in the Work Environment

Everyone wants to work in an organization where they are respected, valued, and their services are important.

Recruits usually hope to find things like respect, health bonus, rewards, etc., in places they work. With these things in place, retaining them will be much easier.

You can promote respect in your organization by implementing an employee recognition program to appreciate their individuality and self-worth.

  • Invest in their Growth

It’s not always about how your employees can serve you; it’s also about what you can give them to encourage them to continue staying. Every employee wants a place where they can improve and grow their success.

You can invest in your employees’ growth by organizing training for them. This allows them to improve themselves, and in the long run, it also benefits the company.

But, in order to keep the onboarding and training process both engaging and educational, you might consider using training videos. Creating training videos for employees can be a win-win scenario for both new and experienced employees. It can be used for presenting the company’s procedures to the new employees, offering additional training to the skilled personnel, or it can be used to teach some in-depth knowledge intended to help with career progression.

Apart from training, you can also send them for seminars and workshops outside the company. Doing these can help you increase your employee retention rate and promote stability.

  • Offer A Good Salary

There is something about making offers that are too good to be ignored. Your employees will most likely stay put if they feel valued enough. Since money is the basic measurement of value, they will naturally measure their value to the organization by offering them as salary.

This is why you have to offer a competitive salary. Your employees should be able to afford the basic cost of living and feel good anytime they come to work. While you don’t need to pay the highest salary, you shouldn’t be paying the lowest. If you don’t know what the compensation should be, research to guide your offers.

  • Implement A Good Work-life Balance

No one wants to work in a toxic environment that doesn’t give space for rest and refreshment. The result of such a work environment is burning out. You should implement a work schedule that strikes a balance between work and extracurricular activities.

Encourage your workers to go for their breaks, leave the office once it is closing time, spend their weekends with their families, etc. When your employees use these breaks judiciously, they are more productive when they return to work.

It also ensures that your employees are less stressed. This will increase their loyalty and their retention rate.

Recruiting and Retaining Employees is Crucial to the Growth of the Organization

There is no sustainable growth without the right employees, and to find the right employees, you must be ready to put in the work, skills, time, and resources. You should also train and develop employees to the standard of your organization.

When you have successfully done this, you must have strategies that would ensure their retention. Employees retention will increase the organization’s productivity, trust, and integrity. It is no wonder that smart employers put more effort into retaining their employees than hiring new ones.


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