Ways to Improve Productivity in Workplaces


Setting up a business is not easy. There are a lot of risks involved, but finally when the business picks up the rewards are immense and encouraging. It is important to note that it’s so easy for the business to fail if the tempo that was started is not maintained. The truth is that no one would want their business to go down after investing so much in it. For that reason as an employee, you should do your best to ensure there is increased productivity at your place of work. Stagnation or decreased productivity should not be an option.

Employees might be going through a lot of challenges that affect their productivity. Cases like the current covid19 virus affected many people. Employees were not left out, some lost their loved ones to the virus, others were infected by the virus while other’s salaries were cut. All these issues affected their productivity at work. Employers had to step in to solve the problem. They started providing PPEs for their workers to protect them while working. Facemasks and hand sanitizers were a must-have at workplaces. Below are some of the ways to improve productivity at workplaces.

1) Proper Management Of Working Hours

Employers should monitor how their employees make use of their working hours. Some employees have the tendency of wasting time by doing their own stuff like reading novels, engaging in long phone calls that are not related to work, and even spending a lot of time on social media handles. The wasted time could otherwise be used in producing more work.

The employer makes surprise checks in the office to see what employees are doing. Setting goals for each employee may help in making sure no time is wasted because they all have to meet the deadlines. The employees reporting time should also be monitored.

2) Giving Employees Paid Leaves

Everyone needs a break after long periods of working time. It reaches a time where the brain cannot function properly, especially when it is overworked. Employees also need to rest, in places far away from the working environment. Employers may decide to give their employees a treat. They may pay for their flight and accommodation in an exciting place. Some employees prefer traveling with their friends and family to have more fun. Others prefer resting in their homes. Giving your workers a break ensures they go back to work re-energized. Their mind will be more relaxed, and productivity will increase in the company.

3) Ensuring Employees Meet Their Goals In Time

This can be done by the employer setting deadlines when everyone is supposed to submit their work. The employees will work hard to meet the deadline, failure to which they will face the consequences. The deadline should be realistic, workers should be given enough time to work on their projects. Very little time may result in poorly done work while a lot of time might lead to idleness.

Those who fail to meet the deadline may be Forced to compensate by working overtime. They may also be left out when others are considered for promotion. There are many other ways that an employee who fails to meet the deadline can be disciplined as long as the standards of labor law are met.

4) Creating A Conducive Working Environment.

The working environment should be quiet for proper concentration. A workplace that is near the road might affect the productivity of the employees. They may end up doing so little because of poor Concentration. The working environment should also be secure. Employees should not be attacked by any outsiders while working. They should also be provided with means of transport Incase they work overtime to ensure they reach home safely. The rooms employees are working in should have proper lighting and air circulation.

Air conditioners can be provided to regulate the room temperature. The furniture at the workplace should also be safe and comfortable for workers. Water dispensers can be installed in the rooms to ensure the employees stay hydrated. All these and many more will ensure employees are in a better position to increase productivity.

5) Employees Should Set Attainable Goals

Setting goals for employees is okay, but the goals should be realistic. Giving your workers a lot of work that cannot be completed by the set deadline may lead to decreased productivity. The work done may be of poor quality. Employers should set goals that can be achieved in a certain time frame without a lot of pressure. Employees who work when their mind is relaxed produce better work than those under pressure.

6) Motivating Your Workers

It is important that employers motivate their workers by promoting them, giving them rewards like good phones, planning retreats for them, organizing team-building activities for them, increasing their salaries, and so on. Employers can also be encouraged to do better by just a word of appreciation. A well-done note will brighten their mood and make them work even harder.

7) Providing The Right Tools And Equipment

For better productivity, employees should be given the correct tools to work with. The computers should be working Incase they need one, the internet should also be provided and paid for on time. Stationeries are other tools that might be needed in the working environment. Safe cabinets should be provided where employees can store their files well. Wrong tools might injure the workers resulting in slow performance or absenteeism.


As much as employers have a role in increasing productivity at work, the employees should not take advantage of the situation to misuse the resources provided at the workplace. The employees should also suggest business ideas that may improve productivity at their workplace. Taking advantage of opportunities that present themselves is also key.

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